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An Interview with Jason Hare of Cornerstone Wealth Planning

Jason Hare, founder of Cornerstone Wealth, smiling

Jason Hare is the founder of Cornerstone Wealth Planning, a wealth management company based in Kingston, Canada. With more than two decades of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, Jason has an extensive background in financial markets, wealth creation, fundamentals-based investing, and business valuations. Jason employs his knowledge to assist small business owners and families in realizing their long-term financial objectives while minimizing risks. 

Can you tell us about your journey into financial planning and the founding of Cornerstone Wealth Planning Inc.?

I took a bit of a winding path to finance. I’d originally studied Science at the University of Waterloo, where I received an HBSc in biology. I went on to get an OD in Optometry. So I’d had a completely different career path charted for myself. But I’d always loved numbers and loved the satisfaction of creating a solid financial plan for my own family, and I decided to pursue a certification as a financial planner. After working for quite a few years and confirming that this was my passion, I founded Cornerstone Wealth Planning in 2010 as a platform to provide personalized financial guidance and support. It's been a very rewarding experience forming relationships with clients and helping them navigate the complexities of financial planning.

What sets Cornerstone Wealth Planning apart from other financial advisory firms?

At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on our dedication to research, on finding the best possible solutions for business planning and wealth creation through new investment and insurance opportunities. Our administrative team is tenacious and they’re committed to a high standard of excellence in serving our clients. We’re a team with a genuine interest in our clients’ well-being and peace of mind, and I think that comes through very quickly when people work with us. It leads to loyalty, to referrals, and ultimately, it leads to success for our clients and everyone on our team. 

Could you share some insights into your areas of specialization within financial planning?

I specialize in three key areas: business planning, family wealth creation, and protection strategies. When I started Cornerstone, it was after about a dozen years of building experience in financial planning and learning where my skills were best applied, and what I was most driven by. I wanted to create a firm where I could focus on those areas and leverage my experience in the most useful way possible for my clients.  So whether it's helping a family plan for their children's education or working with a small business owner on succession planning, my goal is to minimize personal risk and maximize financial success.

How do you approach building and maintaining relationships with your clients?

For me, it’s all about forming a genuine connection with clients and understanding what their individual goals are. That’s what drew me to financial planning in the first place, that opportunity to work with clients on some of the most important and difficult decisions they’re ever going to make, and building a bond of trust with them through a consistent delivery of solutions that work for them. When you’re able to help make families more secure and better able to secure the life they want for themselves and their children, there’s nothing more satisfying.


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