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An Interview with Pay Captain founder Simon Bocca on the importance of effective payroll management


Simon Bocca is the founder and CEO of payroll software provider, PayCaptain, and has shared his thoughts with us about the importance of having effective payroll management in the business world.


To start, could you tell us a bit more about yourself and what PayCaptain offers?


To put it simply, I’m very passionate about the financial well-being of employees and have always had a desire to drive change in this area through new and innovative technologies.


I’m also proud to say that I now have over 18 years of experience within the payroll industry -  and before launching PayCaptain I was the COO for another cloud software company where I helped grow the team from just five employees to over 1,200. 


Ultimately, it was from this experience and mindset that PayCaptain was born in January 2020. I want us to deliver a solution for businesses that puts employees first and which can help companies and their teams better manage their hard-earned money.


What are the main challenges you have found businesses tend to face with their payroll management?


What we tend to see with companies of various sizes is that those who still rely on legacy payroll processes can struggle with important aspects like financial compliance, data confidentiality and simple payroll accuracy. 


At the same time, those who do use digital methods can still have problems with integrating their systems into other parts of the company - human resources and their general cybersecurity being two key examples.


So, what would you say are the benefits of using software like PayCaptain over traditional methods?


If we use some of the areas I mentioned earlier as examples here, a notable benefit from using software like ours is that businesses can help rid themselves of some of these worries and issues. What’s more, it can be a great way to save time and reduce the strain faced by payroll teams.


PayCaptain software offers seamless and cyber secure integration with other third-party systems. We are one of only a few payroll companies to be registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, so there’s peace of mind regarding compliance. Our technology can also give employees the flexibility to choose and digitally manage their payments via our software and app. 


So, in short, the reality is that there are plenty of advantages for businesses to discover if they use such software over using traditional payroll methods.


What is your mission for the future? How do you intend to help more businesses?


What we want to do is continue to help put people in control of their earnings by giving them and their respective workplaces the tools they need to manage their finances in the right ways. 


However, we appreciate that it’s an ever-changing world and industry - particularly regarding new technologies like AI. As such, we will always be looking to evolve and adapt to help our new and existing clients get the best for the business from their payroll software.


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