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Brittney Megann, CEO & Head Socialista, Socials & Stilettos

Brittney is the CEO & Head Socialista of Socials & Stilettos and took some time out to talk with The Industry Leaders and provide some golden rules for business owners in 2023.

What's your industry?

Marketing & Communications

For those who don't know anything about you or your work, can you provide a bit of background?

In all honesty, I really just fell into the world of marketing. Back in 2015, I was in a pretty serious car accident that forced me into the world of online marketing. I was really just looking for a way to make some money online doing something I loved.

I started as a one-woman show & perfected the art of Social Media Management. Then decided in 2019 to kick things up a notch and expanded into a full service marketing agency. I haven't looked back since.

Socials & Stilettos is an award-winning social media, marketing, and PR agency that serves beauty, fashion & lifestyle brands worldwide. We have one of the best teams out there and I truly believe nobody does it like we do.

What does an average day look like for you?

Every day looks different here at S&S. Some days, I'm working behind the scenes strategizing unique & out of the box marketing campaigns for our clients. Other days, I'm out of the office and in the studio with our clients creating magnetic content with our in-hour production team & building iconic brands.

No matter what the day looks like, I always start with a grateful heart & remember how amazing it is that we get to help our clients bring their vision to life.

How do you balance the needs of your business with the needs of your personal life?

This is a loaded question and honestly something I'm still working at perfecting. As a business owner, we treat our brands like our babies. We tend to put their needs before our own. But I've learned over the years that you can't pour from an empty cup. It's taken a long time to master the art of work/life balance, but setting "office hours" and sticking to them has always helped.

I also think that it's important to remember who you are outside of your business. It's easy to get lost in the hustle, but your business wouldn't exist without you. That has been a huge lesson and learning curve throughout my journey.

What's the best advice anyone ever gave you on your journey in business?

Build your personal brand. This is something that a lot of business owners overlook, but in reality can be the one thing that sets them up for the utmost success. People buy from people, and putting a face to your brand can help your audience connect with you on some of the deepest levels. Not to mention, help you stand out from the rest.

What's been the hardest part about the path you've taken and how would you advise someone facing a similar situation to overcome it?

When I first opened Socials & Stilettos, I was so worried about fitting in and following what was working for everybody else. I launched with a brand identity that I didn't align with, I posted things that I didn't truly care about, and I even wore outfits that didn't feel like "me".

I was so worried that people wouldn't accept me or take me seriously because I was little outside the box, but in reality that has been the very thing that blew up by business.

Understanding what makes you unique can be the very thing that helps you create your own lane and separates you from the rest. It wasn't until I rebranded & started showing up as my most authentic self that I saw the growth I had always wanted for S&S.

If you take away anything from this story, I hope that it's to always be true to who you are. Let the things that make you different allow you to create your own lane. Trust me, it's so worth it.

Are there any well-known Books, Podcasts, or Courses that you credit your current success to?

I have read many books, listened to thousands of podcasts, and taken many courses over the years. I wouldn't say that any of them are the reason I have found success, but I will say that this one book changed the way I saw my life and business. If you haven't yet read "How to be a boss b*tch by Christine Quinn, you are seriously missing out.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a successful business owner or executive to have?

Determination, Unshakable Confidence and Resilience.

I'll be the first to tell you that you are going to hear a million "no's" throughout your journey. You are going to have people who doubt you and try you knock you down along the way. There are going to be nights where you feel like crawling into a hole and throwing it all away.

You are going to have to dive into that resilience, remember why you are so determined, and continue showing up every single day with that unshakable confidence in order to make your dream life happen. It's only then that you will be able to reach the next level and truly find your version of success.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out as a business owner?

Don't have a backup plan.

When you have a backup plan, you'll always take the easy way out and give up to soon. If you really want this, you need to be fully committed to your vision & give it your all.

What are the top three things you think are essential for business success?

  1. Strong Networking Skills will allow you to build a loyal audience that is talking about your business in rooms that you haven't even dreamt of being in.

  2. Magnetic Marketing will help position your business as an authority within your niche, stand out amongst your competitors, and create your own lane.

  3. A Powerhouse Team will help you serve your audience & clients in ways that you wouldn't be able to alone while growing bigger than you ever could have imagined.

Do you think someone can be a great business owner without having many years of experience first?

Absolutely. Some people were born to be in business, but I do believe that you get better over time. Going through the trials and tribulations of being a business owner will allow you to continue to become an even better business owner than you already are.

In general, do you think the world is producing better business owners in 2023 than it was fifty years ago?

Yes! The pandemic taught business owners a new level of resilience. We had to learn skills that might not have been required for our businesses otherwise. Learning how to bring their business online, be innovative when the world was falling apart, and experiment with new marketing techniques are just a few things that many business owners had to learn through the most difficult period of time. It was because of this that so many business owners have flourished over the past couple of years.

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