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Dwayna Williams on How to Leverage Tech to Get Noticed

Dwayna Williams - Co-founder, PR and Brand Architect of TGND Consulting

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your experience in public relations?

I'm Dwayna Williams, the Co-founder of TGND Consulting. Embracing the title of a "millennial mompreneur," I find joy in empowering fellow millennial moms to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. With a wealth of experience in elevating the public presence of change-makers, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts, I am consistently exploring ways to promote buzz-worthy ideas.

My educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Mass Communications with a Concentration in Broadcast Media from North Carolina Central, a Master of Science in Marketing, and a Certificate in Brand Management from Georgia State University. My passion for marketing and public relations blossomed during my undergraduate internships. Engaging in transformative projects fueled my curiosity and set me on the path to becoming a seasoned professional in public relations and brand strategy. Before launching TGND in 2016, my professional path unfolded in corporate and freelance settings, where I honed the skills essential for the successful entrepreneur I am today.

What role does technology play in public relations in 2024?

Technology's growth has a tremendous impact on PR. With the development of technology, newsroom layoffs are heavily present, and companies are relying on AI to replace humans. On the positive side, multimedia content will significantly impact how brands communicate their message and story to their audiences.

Can you give a quick example of how a business can leverage tech to make a PR campaign stand out?

More brands will want to share their stories on platforms like YouTube, podcasts, and streaming. PR, as we know it now, will have an aligned focus with digital marketing. Therefore, taking advantage of the mark with your PR campaigns is vital as these platforms are a vital way to increase awareness and exposure.

How has AI changed the way businesses do PR?

AI transforms PR from metrics, research, media monitoring, automation, and social media marketing. AI is aiding businesses to be more efficient, innovative, and data-driven.

What are some simple tech tools or strategies small businesses can use to improve their PR?

Podcasts, social media, Google My Business, and Google Analytics are the top platforms that will enhance visibility and strategy and build meaningful relationships.

What's a common tech-related mistake you see in PR, and how can it be avoided?

Not adapting to the ever changing digital space is a common mistake that should be avoided because there's no way around it. You can adapt to the digital space by establishing a solid social media presence, keeping your digital channels up to date, integrating digital strategies into PR, staying informed about tech trends, and maximizing visual content.

How do you stay updated with the latest tech trends in PR?

Joining newsletters, becoming a member in PR groups and monitoring online conversations are some ways I stay informed about the latest tech trends.

What's your top piece of advice for companies looking to enhance their PR with technology?

Embrace digital channels as they ensure that your strategies remain effective and aligned with how audiences consume information. The digital space is vital for building brand awareness, managing your reputation, and connecting with your audience. If you neglect to be present in today's digital age, you are on opportunities with your target audience.


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