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Insights and Epiphanies of a 21st Century Woman

Business pioneer and archetypal 21st century woman, Fiona Price, is guaranteed to be the newest author on your shelf. Written by the 'first woman of finance' Fiona's book explores the ultimate relationship any person can have – the one with yourself.

Using intuitive intelligence and a version of psychology, which she refers to as quantum, Fiona describes anecdotally a new way of thinking and being, which allows the reader to step out of an old ‘problem-reaction-survival’ paradigm, and embrace a more elegant consciousness, enabling them to be a bigger, grander version of themself.

She says, “With awareness and practice, I have learned that it is possible to change the mindsets that hinder us and refocus our thoughts to up our game and claim our personal power. Then we can become a conscious creator in our life.”

The Ultimate Relationship is a kaleidoscope of survival strategies for life, business, and just about everything. Fiona’s experience is profoundly personal and honest, and she narrates it through a collection of journals, blogs, talks, articles, poems, affirmations, insights and epiphanies. The takeaway is a treasure-trove of wisdom and a myriad of practical ways to think smarter, act smarter, and be more balanced and peaceful amidst the chaos of life and business.

A Unique Perspective

Fiona brings a uniquely female perspective to her business experience, having worked with women in the financial sector and participated in the early days of the women’s networking movement. From how to improve your decision-making, to how to restore your mojo, develop your intuition, harness the power of thought, create health and healing, get more out of your food and fitness, and develop a deep connection with animals and nature, Fiona inspires you to think and act differently.

She says, “I have learned that the ultimate relationship is the one with yourself. What you think and how you respond to every situation, defines who you are and what you experience. You don’t learn this in business school (I know, I went), or in any conventional education, for that matter. Yet this subtle wisdom often makes the difference between success and failure, happiness and despair. I recount my alternative take on how to manage yourself in business, in my book.”

Fiona has a degree in psychology and a MBA. Her story includes 20 years in the financial sector, where she pioneered a cutting-edge woman’s business and was a spokesperson in the media. This was followed by several internet video start-ups in the first days of video online. Also, consultancy, mentoring and non-executive directorships. She was listed in the Top 100 List of Power and Influence in Financial Services in 2003 and 2004 and won numerous business women’s awards. Sport has also featured strongly in Fiona’s life, and has competed in two sports internationally, alongside her business interests.

City Professional to Semi-Feral

Embracing a radical transformation, she went from ‘city professional to semi-feral’, living reclusively for a number of years in the wilds of Wales. More recently, Fiona underwent another transformation and is now living on wheels, whilst travelling.

“The book tells my story from the inside out. It explains how I have worked on taking control of my mind, body and my world. It is part narrative, part insight, woven into a guide to practical spirituality, and interlaced with quantum psychology, which, I hope, will help the reader to become more of who they are and create more of the life they want.

We are at a turning point in history, which is also a chance to reinvent our world. But we need to think and act differently in order to do this. It requires a combination of creative intuitive intelligence, recognising our true power and connecting with the natural world.”

You can learn more about ‘The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself’ (including a book reading) on Fiona’s website, where you will also find videos, audios, and blogs on book-related themes.

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