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From Chaos to Control - Streamlining Corporate Ticket Management for Maximum Efficiency

Corporate ticket management is a process that is crucial to the modern event. For event businesses that look after the distribution and sales of tickets for live music, festivals, sporting events, and other events, there is the need to effectively manage this process in a way that maximises efficiency and controls the chaos. This is all meant to help ensure that an event is never oversubscribed, that tickets are released at the right time, to the right people, whilst ensuring there is enough hype to sell the event out prior to the distribution process.

What is corporate ticket management?

Corporate ticket management is the process your organisation uses to manage the tickets to an event. Whether this is a sporting event, a music concert, a festival, or any other type of event, there is a need to have a clear, efficient process in place to manage all aspects of the ticketing system. This includes the loading of tickets, distribution, allocation of tickets, and the analysis of performance to ensure the next event runs smoothly and more profitable than the one before.

Any company that has an existing run of events or a planned entertainment strategy with events built-in, would benefit from implementing a core corporate ticket management software and process. It is the best way to maximise efficiency across the board within your organisation, gaining most value from your assets and growing as an event business. The best ticket management platforms allow for the generation of accurate reports for clever and efficient analysis of all aspects of the ticketing process. This means looking at data from both the ticket level and at the attendee level, accessing data that will help you to tweak and evolve the process in the future, in terms of ticketing ROI, compliance, financial predictions, and ticket distribution problems and solutions.

What are the benefits of a solid corporate ticket management process?

Implementing a robust corporate ticket management process and software brings with it a whole host of benefits. This includes time saved and workloads reduced by bringing everything into one place, streamlining the process, allocation and distributing tickets in a more cohesive fashion, and automating certain processes to speed things up. On top of this you’ll have access to in-depth reporting and analysis that helps to make the process even more efficient in the future.

Save time

Ticket management software helps to save time across the company if implemented correctly. All corporate entertainment assets can be held in a single application, making it easier and faster to manage the entire ticket process, from availability, distribution, returns and reallocation of tickets and much more. This can help save significant chunks of time that can be allocated to other areas of the business to help raise standards and efficiency.

Easy distribution

One of the key components of an efficient ticketing management system is that it allows you to organise and distribute tickets in the best way that suits your business needs. This can be managing tickets in a regional way if you are distributing tickets for multiple events throughout the country, or you can distribute to individuals based on their roles and hierarchically. It makes it much easier to allocate tickets to the correct individuals and in the right seats.

Automation of tickets

Processing tickets for any event can become problematic when you are talking about hundreds and thousands of tickets, especially if it is a manual task. Ticket management software makes it easy to use automation that minimises the instances of bottlenecks in ticket approval and allocation.

Better management of unused tickets

Any ticket that remains unused is classed as money that is lost. This is why it is important to have a management system that can easily recall tickets that are requested to be sent back, makes any unallocated tickets easily available to new sellers, sponsors, and other vendors, even if last minute, makes them available for sale on the open market or within a private marketplace, and maximises potential revenue.

Finding a solution for corporate ticket management for a sports or entertainment business goes a long way to building a brand that customers and vendors can trust. It helps to drive new customers to purchase tickets via your platform, makes it easier to engage with employees and stakeholders. With the right type of corporate ticket management, you can boost ticket sales to your events, make genuine connections with sponsors and vendors that ensures there is a streamlined process for actioning distribution of tickets to your corporate clients, maintain a streamlined process to distribute tickets at the correct time without oversubscribing an event beyond capacity, maintaining safety and focus as you build a reputation as a trustworthy brand.


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