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Shay Wheat, Creating Powerful Impact Podcast

Shay Wheat, the host of Creating Powerful Impact podcast, speaks to The Industry Leaders about how her podcast got started, how entrepreneurs can use podcast appearances to their advantage, and provides her #1 tip for any podcast guest looking to make an instant impression.

For those who don't know about your work, can you tell us a little about who you are and who your podcast is for?

My name is Shay Wheat and I am a Certified Event Producer™ & Creator of popular programs such as “The Powerful Event Process”, “The UltimateEvent Planner Certification Program”, and CEO of Grace & Ease Productions, Inc.

My company Grace & Ease Productions, Inc supports our clients in creating Powerful and Profitable events. Producing In-Person and Live-Virtual events from 50 to 4,000+ attendees, and collaborating with many well-known celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Claire Zammit, Bill Baren, Alison J. Prince, Josh Turner, and many others. We assist Speak-to-Sell clients to be extremely profitable with their events: just recently one client generated over $2.1 Million dollars in one Virtual Live 3-day event.

Our clients have made over $24 Million in revenue, gaining over 3,500 NEW clients and changing the lives of over 16,000+ attendees.

Our team handles all the planning, speaker & sponsor support as well as the production of Virtual Live and In-person events to create experiential, revenue-generating, and exciting events for attendees.

I just launched "Creating Powerful Impact Podcast"

It's a 20 to 30-min podcast shares amazing founder stories who reveal not only the smartest strategies for scaling TODAY but also go behind the curtain to answer the questions that listeners really want to hear. Those "before the breakthrough moments" and lessons learned

It gives you a look at behind-the-scenes of why and how leaders are making an impact and how you can too!

Our guests are:

✔ As a business, they should be experiencing some very good momentum AND be grossing 6-7 figures or more annually. We'll be talking about how you scaled your business.

✔ Considers their company as having ‘purpose;' and thoughtful in your mission.

CEO, Founder, or President.

✔ Experts that are ready to amplify their message, scale their business and leverage their time using events.

✔ Thought Leaders in Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Business, or Speakers/Coaches

What one tip would you give to a podcast guest who wants to make an instant impression?

Be your authentic self and provide value first. It’s always about building relationships.

It’s actually kind of how I got started. If I were to go and pinpoint that. I was building rapport and relationships with people that I didn’t realize I would then have an opportunity to have that turn into business down the road. An example of how this happened was I was speaking at an event and I was joking with the guy in front of me that had my microphone, saying “hey dude, don’t go spitting on my mic, okay? And he responded “you’re funny, who are you?”

Come to find out he was the head of education for Dr. Oz’s non profit. It turns out, I had just met his sister Seval at the women’s conference that I was supporting and he replied “Wait, hold on, she’s best friends with our CEO and we’re doing a women’s conference, you should help us.” And so I replied, “Ok. Yeah, let’s do it!”

And so that was my introduction to being an Associate Producer. I was in charge of over 70 Speakers and over a hundred volunteers. I met Seval by chance and I didn’t know who she was at first. She was just a woman that had a cast on her foot and I asked if I could help her get to her seat. It wasn’t until later when we connected for a bit that she mentioned to me who her brother was. I feel that when you are your authentic self and you provide value first, things come back to you tenfold.

How useful is appearing on podcasts for business owners or people wanting to build a personal brand?

Events can be anything from Facebook Lives, Challenges, Summits, Retreats or 3-Day Sales and Enrollment Events. All are forms of speaking, including podcasts.

There are many benefits to speaking.

✔ Speaking can bring you more credibility, visibility, reach and influence to you and your business.

✔ Speaking can bring you more opportunities, cash flow, leads, and clients!

✔ The more you speak the more confidence you will gain! 😎

✔ The more you speak, the more people will see you as an expert in your niche.

✔ Speaking can also bring you more opportunities such as traveling to new places and new business opportunities.

✔ Finally, anytime you speak, you gain content.

You can reuse your speaking content on social media, on your website, writing a blog, and more!

Also, the human connection is so huge right now with mental health and everything that’s happening for the past few years. Showing up on other people’s stages/podcasts is a great opportunity for us to make a positive impact on others, especially those who need it most.

It really allows us to build and engage with the community.

What's your biggest challenge as a podcast host?

Finding new listeners/audience.

Maintaining a consistent schedule to do the recording/interview.

Making a great show and promoting it.

Is there another podcast (aside from yours!) that you’d recommend to business leaders?

Evolution of Brand Podcast Recording By: Jason Cercone

The Business Success Show By: Mac Attram

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur By: Josh Elledge

Go For Launch — Grow Your Business & Your Life By: Brandon Uttley

Too Legitimate To Quit with Annie P. Ruggles

Search 'Creating Powerful Impact' podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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