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Stefaan De Vreese, Founder of Titanology

Stefaan De Vreese speaks to The Industry Leaders about his work and what he's learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

What's Your Story?

I've been a serial entrepreneur since 2002, starting out as web developer, leading a small web design firm before starting my own computer store around 2006.

I shifted to freelancing after the crash in 2008 and continued doing Microsoft 365 consultancy for the next decade. Then Covid hit and I was suddenly awakened, even though I've built the freelancing business to six-figures in revenue, I had nothing to show for it. I lost all my projects and had to start all over again.

I decided to start a marketing agency, until after a few months I realized that in my heart I'm a facilitator, community builder, and coach. Putting all those skills together I created Titanology, a business development platform to help business owners start, grow and scale their business.

However, there was one last piece missing: me being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I only came out in 2016 and since then I was looking for a place where I felt I belonged. It wasn't until I started Titanology AND niched down to serve LGBTQ+ biz owners, that it all made sense.

In October 2021 I went all-in on Titanology and have been helping several lgbtq+ biz owners grow their companies and build a life of freedom.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

Work on your mindset from day 1. You're gonna experience a lot of uncomfortable situations, stress and fear. You'll have imposter syndrome and fear of rejection.

Being consistent with doing the boring work is crucial, but if your brain keeps telling you "it's not gonna work", you'll digress, switch to other projects and never get the success you're looking for.

Keep going! You're more powerful than you think!

What one book or podcast changed your life?

Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill: mindset is everything


$100M Offers from Alex Hormozi: only with a grand slam offer will you have a successful business.


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