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Vimala Suppiah, Founder and Lead Coach, GameChange Coaching Consultancy

Vimala Suppiah is the Founder and Lead Coach of Game-Changing Coaching Consultancy. She tells The Industry Leaders what advice she'd give to herself if she could travel back to Day 1 of her business.

What's your story?

As an Executive Coach and Team Coach, I work with 1:1 leaders and leadership teams to connect the dots to become high performing and value-creating so that tangible outcomes can be met. Leaders who work with me gain awareness, clarity and leadership competencies on how to meet organizational and business outcomes through executive alignment to the company's vision, mission and purpose.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

That's an interesting question. In my career, I would say, start with what you are passionate about and learn as you mature. If you are focused on climbing the career ladder, be a compassionate leader with a 360-degree vision as the world order shifts.

Leadership is a verb. It's what you do as a leader that will give people the confidence to travel on that journey with you. Be a leader who can be trustworthy and transparent. That purpose and passion might change. Be courageous enough to take a leap of faith to shift and keep learning as you go progress, so you continue to grow.

What one book or podcast changed your life?

The one book I'd choose is What Got You Here Won't Get You There; How Successful People Become Even More Successful, by Marshall Goldsmith.

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