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Get ready-made opportunities to promote your business, using The Industry Leaders' connections and expertise. 


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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Choose your Zero Effort PR plan from The Industry Leaders
  • Why should I care about this?
    If any of the following describes you: A business owner looking for clients on a national or global level An ambitious career professional or business executive A solopreneur looking to grow their business or personal brand Then you should care about being found by more potential clients or followers, being published alongside some of the most respected names in business, and being able to tell you story to a whole new audience.
  • What does ‘get booked’ on a podcast mean?
    Getting booked onto a podcast means that we’ll connect you with a podcaster to the point where they are ready to host you on their show. This usually means we’ll send you their calendar booking link or vice versa. Sometimes this means connecting you via email. But it always means we’ll have done all of the lengthy, hard work in researching, outreaching, introducing you and your business, and demonstrating why you’re a great fit for their audience.
  • I got booked, but the podcaster can’t record this month. Is that right?
    Yes. Often the podcasters we work with are booked out weeks or months in advance. That means that we’ll do all the hard work to research, outreach, communicate, and have a podcast book a slot with you, but your interview may be a few weeks or months down the line.
  • What if I don’t think a podcast you’ve connected me with isn’t a fit?
    If you have any feedback on why you think your podcast isn’t a good fit, you can always let us know. However, our researchers go to great lengths to make sure that any podcast your connected to either: Matches your areas of expertise Is likely to have an audience interested in your knowledge May have an audience containing your potential future clients
  • When do you start writing my articles and looking for podcasts?
    As soon as you sign up, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to provide some more details about your goals and your business. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll get to work immediately. It’s vital that you fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible.
  • When will my articles be ready?
    Your articles are usually ready within 2-3 weeks of the start of each month. As soon as they’re ready they’ll be published on our website, and you’ll be provided with a fully editable version of your article so you can edit and publish it on your own website or another outlet.
  • Why does my article break the kinds of grammatical rules I was taught not to at school?
    Because nobody wants to read a school report! People come to our website to learn about businesses and the people behind them. In the process, we aim to engage them in the best way possible. That means we use a variety of different copywriting and styling techniques that sometimes ‘break’ the usual rules.
  • What should I do with my editable articles?
    Put them on your blog, or re-write elements of them and pitch them to websites in your niche that may be looking for content like it. Earns you another backlink
  • Can I edit articles before they are published?
    No. Unfortunately, we can’t support revision rounds for the subscription price. However, if you spot any factual inaccuracies or think it is completely different to the tone of voice you asked us to write in, we’ll get our writers to take another look and amend where necessary. It should also help you to know that we send you the editable version of each piece, giving you the option to make any changes you'd like and then publish the article on your own website too.
  • I really hate my article; what can I do?
    We write them for our audience, which aims to serve two purposes: 1. Encourage people to read and hopefully click through to your website 2. Help you and your pieces to rank because Google recognizes they are published on a website with a high domain authority So, the question you should ask yourself before committing to our Zero Effort PR service is do you want an article that ranks or one that you really like? If you still really don’t like the piece, you have three options: 1. We can unpublish the piece, though you will still have access to the editable version 2. We can make further edits, charged at $50 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. 3. We can write and publish a further 1,000-word piece for you for $500
  • I only want articles written for me, not podcasts. Can I do that?
    Yes, we can accommodate an articles-only plan. Just sign up for a Zero Effort PR plan and tell us in the questionnaire that you want an articles-only plan. You’ll then receive two articles per month instead of one article and one podcast booking per month.
  • I only want your podcast booking service, not the article writing. Can I do that?
    Yes, we can accommodate an articles-only plan. However, we can only provide one podcast booking per month. Send us an email at and we will help you set up your podcast-only service.


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