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Hi, I'm Rob Barratt

It's 2019 and I've got a brilliant idea for business. It's an online marketplace that I know is something people need.

It's so good that I left a successful career in consulting to go after my dream of building a running my own business - I'd never need to go back to the rat race.

I've got a business plan, a clear idea of who my customers are, and I know I can deliver what they need.

The only problem was I'd never run an online business before.

So when I left a stable career to create one, I spent thousands of dollars advertising online. Not one penny of it brought me any sales.

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I was desperate.

I didn't want to fail and go back to my old corporate job, but it was so much harder to get my business off the ground than I thought it would be. I lost confidence in my ability to be successful.

It didn't help that I was constantly seeing success stories on LinkedIn and hearing podcasts about founders who had gone from zero to thousands of sales seemingly instantly.

Then I got invited to do an interview for a business-focused website through an old contact.

I was blown away by the response I got to posting a link to my interview on my social channels. People responded in a way they hadn't to my other online posts. They were genuinely interested in my journey and what I was doing now.

I'd spent so much money:

  • Advertising on social and search engines

  • Trying to find the right networking groups

  • Cold-calling potential customers


And all it took was one interview with a website for people to start taking me and my business seriously.

I went from struggling to get anyone to take notice of me, to getting contacted by 2nd and 3rd degree connections asking if my business could help them.

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And that's when I started The Industry Leaders

And that's when I started The Industry Leaders

I knew if getting interviewed could help me, it could definitely help other people. Especially anyone starting out in business for the first time, or trying to get their blog or personal brand noticed without spending thousands on ads.

So now I speak to some of the most influential people in industries as diverse as tech and coaching, to finance and sexual health. Every interview we publish includes actionable secrets, giving the inside story on how they went from struggling entrepreneur to industry leader, so our readers can grow in the same way.

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But more than that


I set up a business that helps other solopreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners get their businesses noticed forever for less than half the price of hiring a PR or marketing agency.

We get you booked onto a new podcast your potential customers are listening to every month, ghostwrite SEO-optimized articles on your behalf, create scroll-stopping social media posts, and publish your press releases.


All of which massively boosts your industry standing and helps you gain more respect and interest from potential customers.

So, if you're ready to start getting noticed, fill out the form below, or hit 'Get Noticed' at the top of the page.


What are you interested in?
How did you hear about The Industry Leaders?

Ps, You can read more about Rob Barratt, here.

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