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Who we are

Industry Leaders is a rapidly-growing online communications group and is a leading voice in the world of corporate and entrepreneurial media. Through our website, theindustryleaders.org, we aim to profile some of the most exciting leaders, thinkers, and up-and-coming people across a multitude of global industries. 


What we're doing 

We recognise that it's people, not organisations, who create the present and the future of global industries and therefore focus on innovative professionals blazing a trail within each sector. However, what's different about Industry Leaders is that we don't only consider C-suite players as industry leaders. Instead, we recognise and document the impressive stories of up-and-coming people within big organisations, as well as entrepreneurs who aim to disrupt an industry as we know it.


Through a series of targeted interviews and thought-leadership articles, we give these industry leaders a platform to educate and inform their peers around the world, in their own words. 


What we hope to achieve

As more and more people begin to think about starting or running businesses, it's becoming vital for balanced information to be available so that sound business decisions can be made. By spotlighting leaders across various industry sectors, we aim to shine a light on how these inspiring individuals think and operate so that others may learn from their experiences and ideas. 


Through the global reach of our online articles, we aim to inspire, connect, and raise the profile of leaders from multiple industries and spark broader, 'real-life' conversations about succeeding in business and continuous personal improvement.


How you can be part of it

We always have an eye on what's happening in the world of business and are excited to hear real-life views from those within big industries. If you are an investor, entrepreneur, senior manager, or ambitious go-getting professional, we're excited to hear from you about your journey. By getting in touch with Industry Leaders, we may be able to help promote you or your business through an article or interview feature on our site.


To be featured, or to find out about sponsorship opportunities, get in touch with us at contact@theindustryleaders.org or fill in the contact form below.



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