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Adetutu Laditan on How to Leverage Tech to Get Noticed

Adetutu Laditan. In this interview she shares her expertise on how to leverage tech to get your business noticed.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your experience in public relations?

As a product marketing manager for YouTube in Sub Saharan-Africa, I am charged with growing the video channel’s premium products int he region, developing brand partnerships, analysing how consumers use YouTube and guiding video creators and influencers on making more engaging content.

I joined Google, which owns YouTube, nine-years ago, providing sales support to the Telco and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. I side-stepped into growth strategy and product marketing manager for consumer apps across all of Sub Saharan Africa, tasked with improving the usability and user ratings.

Today I am focused on driving the growth of untapped video audiences across Sub Saharan Africa, inspiring the one million+ internet users on the continent to use our channel more. I support creative storytelling, constantly designing new ways to engage audiences with compelling content, and use my experience to help brands and creators find emotional angles to connect to the user.

What role does technology play in public relations in 2024?

Technology is essential for growth for any business, and used effectively can enhance a brand no end. The PR landscape has evolved significantly thanks to emerging digital technologies which have enhanced traditional practice allowing for scaled communication and outreach via social media platforms - better media monitoring and engagement, quicker content creation and distribution, more insightful data analysis and measurement and overall efficiency with automation.

Can you give a quick example of how a business can leverage tech to make a PR campaign stand out?

A great PR campaign today has many opportunities to standout due to emerging technologies …..from rolling out an immersive experience using Virtual Reality technology - just imagine landing an interactive Press releases where folks can either have a 360-degree product view or even a virtual tour of a space. Another great approach could be engaging social media influencers to create engaging content using augmented reality (AR) in a fun and interactive way. Finally, I love the fact that we can use real-time data to create compelling visuals and land better storytelling- this would keep journalists and influencers engaged and interested.

How has AI changed the way businesses do PR?

Artificial Intelligence is often seen as the enemy of creativity, but used in the right way it can support and enhance creative careers, for example by identifying the right audiences and therefore gaining more exposure. AI is here to stay and will continue to evolve. In my role role I am constantly learning about the new ways that AI can help content creators and how it’s used by creatives. I see first hand how it enhances creativity and supports production, distribution and optimisation. AI is not killing creativity - driven by data science, it is complementing it.

Many creators today with the help of AI can save time on routine tasks like research and editing with the support of online tools. In situations where there is a creative block, creators can overcome by generating prompts to suggest story ideas, they can use AI to assist with tasks like writing drafts, designing simple graphics, fact checking, scheduling and social media management, translation and localization among many other things freeing up time to to focus other human first creative task

What are some simple tech tools or strategies small businesses can use to improve their PR?

First thing is to develop a strong online presence - a website is always a great tool, an active and engaged social media presence across platforms where they intentionally respond to reviews and comments promptly.

PR is all about mutually beneficial relationships especially with local media outlets. A small business should find opportunities to introduce themselves to local media outlets and influencers, offer expert commentary on relevant topics, and share their services and company's story.

Another approach is offering valuable content: Create informative blog posts, infographics, webinars etc  related to their  industry and share them on relevant platforms. Finally they have to remain authentic and consistent in their engagement across

What's a common tech-related mistake you see in PR, and how can it be avoided?

There is never a one-size-fits-all resolution, approaches must be considered and bespoke to the target audience. Proper audience segmentation is critical, to ensure relevance and relatability. If you understand who your marketing content will speak to, it becomes easier to resonate with what will entertain them, grab their emotions, hit a nerve and truly engage them. In a market like Africa where audiences are predominantly Gen Z, the difference between success and failure, and therefore monetisation, is knowing how to connect emotionally with this specific audience and create a long-lasting buy-in.

How do you stay updated with the latest tech trends in PR?

I am constantly reading and viewing articles and information regarding tech and how it can support and boost the creative economy. My preferred sources of information are via Search (Google is my best friend), LinkedIn thought leaders in tech and a few notable blogs and magazines

What's your top piece of advice for companies looking to enhance their PR with technology?

Start now! Finding information is easier today with the help of online resources. Starting allows you to learn, grow, fail and move faster especially as technology keeps evolving. Leverage content and storytelling to build an audience and think of the role of AI in enhancing the value of your work.


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