Julia Stock, Business Revolutionary, Be Astute

Julia Stock speaks to The Industry Leaders about her work and what she's learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

What's Your Story?

I'm a Business Revolutionary for Be Astute, based in Frome Somerset. We help our ambitious business owner clients to scale up, reduce their stress levels and increase profitability by using a combination of training, coaching and consultancy to deliver pragmatic business advice.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

I wouldn't travel back to day 1 of my career or my current business, but I would go back to about 2010 when I stopped having fun as the MD of a large vocational training business.

That's when the anxiety symptoms started creeping in, and everything became much tougher.

I would have advised myself to take the feelings seriously and to get some help in tackling them. Although I don't regret my journey, if I had intervened at that point it would have been different with probably a less turbulent outcome.

What one book or podcast changed your life?

I am not a big book or podcast follower, but I have done a lot of qualification training during my career which prompted lots of reading and reflection.

There are two qualifications that have had the biggest impact:

  1. A post-grad in Lifelong Learning which brought home my passion for helping people to develop their expertise and how learning at work and for work is different from other formats

  2. A Level 4 Apprenticeship in Business Analysis; it transformed my management style and abilities.

I use what I earned in both of those with my clients all the time.

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