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Miriam Groom on The Art of Monetizing What You Love

Miriam Groom is CEO of Mindful Career

Can you begin by telling our audience a little about yourself, your business, and what led you to pursue your particular passion as a profession?

I'm the founder of MindfulCareer, an initiative that, while grounded in professional success, aims to bring about profound, positive transformation in individuals' lives. My journey into this field spans over two decades, during which I've had the privilege of collaborating with top-tier Fortune 500 companies. These interactions gave me deep insights into organizational psychology and talent management, positioning me uniquely within the industry.

However, what truly fueled my passion was the opportunity to bridge the gap between global corporate strategies and individual career aspirations. Drawing from my experiences, I crafted a distinctive behavioural career coaching approach tailored to unlock and harness individual strengths, aiming to align them with their career goals. It’s truly heartening to witness individuals realize their potential and achieve long-term job satisfaction using this method.

Before founding MindfulCareer, I played instrumental roles in corporate recruitment, talent management, and holistic coaching, which broadened my perspective. My academic background, which includes a Masters in Counselling Psychology, combined with professional credentials in counselling psychology, naturotherapy, and psychometrics, is what truly equips me to guide clients towards understanding their innate strengths, passions, and ideal work settings.

Beyond all the accolades and achievements, including mentions in esteemed platforms like Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, what truly drives me is the ability to make a difference, to guide individuals in making mindful career choices that resonate not just with their skills, but also their souls.

I'm curious to know, what was the defining moment that made you realize that this passion could actually become a business? How did you identify the unique value it could bring to others?

The defining moment for me came during a series of interactions with professionals who felt disenchanted and disconnected from their roles, despite being in seemingly "successful" careers. I observed a recurring theme: there was a palpable gap between their inherent strengths and the roles they occupied. Many felt they were just fulfilling a job rather than living a purpose. These conversations were a revelation, emphasizing the profound impact of aligning one's core strengths with their career trajectory.

Having worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, I had an insider's view into the strategies they employed for talent management and organizational psychology. I realized there was an opportunity to bring some of these best practices to individuals, helping them map out careers that resonated deeply with their inner selves.

The unique value I believed I could bring to the table was a combination of these corporate insights and a deep understanding of human psychology. It wasn't just about identifying job roles; it was about unearthing an individual's intrinsic strengths, their passions, and their motivators. I wanted to offer a holistic approach, merging the worlds of organizational dynamics and individual aspirations. With my background in counselling psychology, naturotherapy, and psychometrics, I felt well-equipped to craft this bridge.

The success stories that followed, where individuals felt more aligned, more fulfilled, and generally happier in their careers, affirmed that the passion I had could indeed bring transformative value to others. It was these success stories that solidified the foundation for MindfulCareer.

Every entrepreneur faces obstacles, especially when turning a passion into a business. Can you share some of the initial challenges you encountered and how you overcame them?

Absolutely. Transitioning a passion into a viable business is a journey punctuated by both exhilarating highs and formidable challenges.

1. Perception and Understanding: One of the initial challenges was addressing the perception that career coaching was only for those in dire straits or at crossroads, rather than a proactive tool for enhancement and alignment. Overcoming this required a shift in narrative. Through workshops, articles, and client testimonials, I worked on educating potential clients about the broader benefits of career alignment and the value of proactive coaching.

2. Integrating Multiple Disciplines: My approach was holistic, drawing from fields like counselling psychology, naturotherapy, and corporate talent management. The challenge was creating a cohesive program that effectively integrated these disparate elements. I invested time in crafting bespoke coaching modules, ensuring that each session offered a harmonious blend of these disciplines, tailored to the individual's needs.

3. Scaling the Personal Touch: As MindfulCareer grew, ensuring that every client received the same level of personalized attention became crucial. I leveraged technology, employing psychometric tools and digital platforms to maintain that personal touch, even as the client base expanded.

4. Staying Updated: The corporate world and its dynamics are ever-evolving. It was, and still is, essential for me to stay updated with industry shifts, new talent management strategies, and advancements in counselling psychology. Continuous learning became a non-negotiable part of my entrepreneurial journey.

5. Facing Skepticism: As with any innovative approach, there were skeptics. Some questioned the merging of naturotherapy with career coaching or wondered about the tangible outcomes of such a service. I found the best response was to let results speak for themselves. Client success stories, testimonials, and word-of-mouth referrals gradually built a compelling case for the MindfulCareer approach.

In all of these challenges, my core belief in the transformative power of aligning one's strengths with their career kept me anchored. Moreover, the satisfaction of witnessing tangible positive change in clients' lives provided the momentum to navigate through these obstacles and continue evolving.

Monetizing a passion requires a solid business model. Can you walk us through how you developed yours, and the key factors that make it successful?

Certainly! Monetizing a passion, especially one as intimate as career counseling, requires a delicate balance of business acumen and genuine service. Here’s a walk-through of the development of my business model:

1. Identifying the Core Value Proposition: The first step was to understand what made MindfulCareer's approach stand out. Given my multifaceted background, the unique value was the integration of traditional career counseling with holistic wellness practices. This allowed clients to not only find a career they loved but to approach it with a balanced and mindful perspective.

2. Market Research: Before setting a pricing model or building out services, I delved deep into market research. I wanted to understand the existing gaps in the market, the competitive landscape, and the potential target audience's pain points. This research provided clarity on how to position MindfulCareer optimally in the marketplace.

3. Diversifying Offerings: Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, I introduced various service tiers. From one-on-one intensive coaching sessions to group workshops and online modules, this ensured accessibility for different client needs and budget ranges.

4. Employing Technology: Utilizing psychometric tools and digital platforms helped in scaling the business and providing consistent value. This not only optimized operations but also added an additional revenue stream through online courses and webinars.

5. Building Trust Through Content: I invested in content marketing, sharing insights, success stories, and industry trends through platforms like Forbes, CTV News, and Harvard Business Review. This positioned MindfulCareer as an authoritative voice in the industry and indirectly drove client acquisition.

6. Feedback Loop: Constant feedback from clients helped in refining the offerings. By understanding what worked and what needed improvement, I was able to iterate and enhance the services continuously.

7. Networking and Collaboration: Collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and other organizations amplified MindfulCareer's reach. It also provided a platform for continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest trends in talent management.

Key Factors for Success:

Personalization: Every individual is unique, and our coaching reflected that. Tailoring strategies to each person’s strengths and aspirations was central.

Authenticity: Operating from a place of genuine care and passion for people’s career growth built trust and fostered long-term client relationships.

Continuous Learning: The corporate and psychological landscapes are dynamic. I prioritized staying updated with the latest research, trends, and tools in both areas.

Holistic Approach: The integration of naturotherapy and holistic health practices into career counseling set MindfulCareer apart, providing a comprehensive solution for clients.

In summary, the success of the MindfulCareer business model was rooted in its ability to effectively merge the personal touch of passion-driven service with the strategic precision of a well-researched business strategy.

Many people worry that monetizing their passion may take the joy out of it. How have you managed to balance the business aspects with staying true to what you love?

It's a valid concern. Passion provides the initial spark, but managing a business involves a myriad of responsibilities that can sometimes overshadow that enthusiasm. Here’s how I've maintained a harmonious balance:

1. Setting Clear Boundaries: From the outset, I recognized the need for clear boundaries. While I am deeply committed to my clients' growth, I set specific times for work, personal development, and relaxation. This ensured that I never felt overwhelmed or lost sight of why I started MindfulCareer in the first place.

2. Prioritizing Self-care: Just as I advise clients on holistic well-being, I apply the same principles to myself. Incorporating practices such as meditation, naturotherapy, and regular retreats has helped me remain grounded and connected to my passion.

3. Delegating and Outsourcing: Over time, as the business grew, I recognized that I couldn't manage every single aspect alone. I hired a competent team and outsourced specific tasks, allowing me to focus on areas where my expertise and passion truly shone—like coaching and content creation.

4. Continuous Learning: The fields of organizational psychology, career counseling, and holistic wellness are ever-evolving. By dedicating time to continuous learning and attending workshops and seminars, I’ve kept the excitement alive and ensured that my methods remain fresh and relevant.

5. Celebrating Successes: No matter how small, celebrating client successes and personal milestones has been pivotal. Every time a client achieves their dream job or finds work-life balance, it reaffirms my belief in the work I do and the difference MindfulCareer makes.

6. Staying Connected to the 'Why': Regularly revisiting my mission and the reason behind starting MindfulCareer has been a guiding light. Remembering the transformative power of aligning one's career with their intrinsic strengths and aspirations serves as a daily reminder of the profound impact of my work.

7. Feedback and Reflection: Engaging in regular feedback sessions with clients and team members, and taking the time for personal reflection, has helped me identify areas of improvement, ensuring that my passion remains both effective and fulfilling.

In essence, while monetizing a passion does introduce business complexities, maintaining a connection to the core essence of that passion is entirely possible. It's about proactive management, self-awareness, and always keeping the heart of the mission in focus. By doing so, not only can one sustain the joy derived from their passion but also amplify its positive impact on others.

As your business grew, what strategies did you employ to scale it while maintaining the core values and essence of what made it special in the first place?

Scaling a business while maintaining its core essence is akin to nurturing a tree—it's about facilitating growth while ensuring the roots remain deep and strong. Here's how I approached this challenge with MindfulCareer:

1. Clearly Defined Core Values: Before any scaling strategies were implemented, I made sure to have a clear set of core values. These values served as a compass, ensuring that every decision aligned with the fundamental principles of MindfulCareer.

2. Rigorous Training: As I expanded the team, I initiated rigorous training programs. This wasn’t just about skills training, but also immersing new team members in the philosophy and ethos of MindfulCareer. Through workshops, mentorship, and collaborative sessions, I ensured that every member understood and resonated with our mission.

3. Client-Centered Approach: Regardless of how much we grew, the focus always remained on individual growth and holistic well-being. By ensuring a low client-to-coach ratio, I was able to provide personalized attention and uphold the standards of our distinctive behavioural career coaching approach.

4. Technology Integration: To manage the increasing clientele and maintain the quality of our services, I leveraged technology. Tools like CRM systems, virtual coaching platforms, and psychometric assessment software enhanced efficiency without compromising the personal touch.

5. Feedback Loops: Open channels of communication with both clients and team members were pivotal. Regular feedback helped in identifying areas of improvement, ensuring that we continually refined our processes while staying true to our essence.

6. Strategic Partnerships: Partnering with like-minded organizations, educational institutions, and professionals expanded our reach. These collaborations were carefully chosen to ensure alignment with our ethos and added value to our clients.

7. Continuous Re-evaluation: Growth often brings unforeseen challenges. I instituted quarterly strategic reviews to assess our direction and ensure alignment with our core mission. These sessions helped in making necessary course corrections, adapting to new challenges, and capitalizing on unexpected opportunities.

8. Community Building: I recognized the value of a supportive community early on. Hosting webinars, workshops, and interactive sessions not only fortified MindfulCareer’s presence but also provided a space for clients and professionals to interact, share, and grow.

9. Authentic Marketing: Instead of just scaling our advertising efforts, I focused on sharing real stories, testimonials, and insights. Authentic marketing helped in resonating with our target audience and establishing trust.

10. Diversifying Offerings: While the essence remained consistent, I expanded our services to cater to the evolving needs of our clients. From group coaching sessions to specialized workshops, diversification ensured we remained relevant and valuable.

In conclusion, scaling MindfulCareer was never about merely expanding its size or revenue. It was about amplifying its impact. By staying grounded in our mission, being adaptable, and always putting our clients at the center of our universe, we've managed to grow without losing what made us special in the first place.

Your journey is truly inspiring. What key insights or pieces of advice would you offer to someone looking to turn their passion into profit?

For anyone looking to monetize their passion, I'd offer these key insights:

Vision Over Profit: Begin with a clear vision. Understand your 'why' before the 'how'. If you're driven by purpose, profits will follow.

Know Your Audience: It's not enough to have passion; understand who will benefit from it. Research and identify your target market.

Stay Authentic: Don't dilute your essence for broader appeal. Authenticity resonates and builds trust.

Invest in Yourself: Continuously hone your skills and knowledge. The more you bring to the table, the more valuable you become.

Adapt and Evolve: The market is dynamic. Be ready to pivot when needed but always stay aligned with your core vision.

Remember, passion combined with persistence and adaptability can lead to incredible success. Stay true to yourself and the mission, and the rest will follow.

Reflecting on your journey so far, what are you most proud of? What future developments or projects are you excited about in your business?

Reflecting on my journey, what fills me with immense pride is the tangible, positive change I've facilitated in people's lives. Every time a client discovers their true potential, aligns with their career trajectory, or attains lasting job satisfaction, it's a reaffirmation of my purpose. These individual success stories are the milestones of my journey with MindfulCareer.

Being in close collaboration with Fortune 500 firms for over two decades has given me a unique vantage point. I've witnessed the corporate world's ebbs and flows and have gleaned insights that are invaluable. To see those strategies, once employed by global corporations, being tailored to benefit individuals, and watching them thrive – that’s truly gratifying.

In terms of future developments, I'm particularly excited about expanding our behavioral career coaching approach. We're in the process of incorporating more advanced psychometric tools and integrating them with holistic methods from naturotherapy. The goal is to create a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to career counseling that takes into account not just one's professional aspirations but their holistic well-being.

Additionally, given our globalized world and the increasing acceptance of remote work, we are exploring online workshops and courses. This would allow us to reach individuals worldwide, ensuring that the power of MindfulCareer's approach benefits a broader audience.

The journey of MindfulCareer is one of continuous growth, innovation, and most importantly, empowerment. I'm excited about the future and the myriad possibilities it holds.

For those interested in learning more about your journey or connecting with your business, how can they get in touch or follow your work?


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