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Modernizing Your Web Address: Key to Increasing Your Startup's Success

By Kimberly Michener, Sr. Director, Brand and Integrated Marketing Identity Digital

Success is the ultimate goal for startups, and many factors can contribute to this success. However, one aspect often overlooked is the importance of having a modern web address for your company. In today's digital world, the first point of contact with your business is frequently through your website. A web address that accurately describes your business and is easy to remember can significantly increase your chances of success.

Obtaining Your Web Address

There are several options for obtaining the web address that best describes your business, including purchasing through domain name registrars and hosting companies. Choosing a reputable registrar or hosting company that offers competitive pricing and reliable customer service is essential. Some popular domain name registrars include GoDaddy,, and Google Domains. These registrars provide a wide range of domain extensions, such as .com, .org, .net, and many others. However, with the proliferation of new web address extensions such as .photo, .studio, .io, .live, (and many others), more options are available to startups that better align with their business needs and audience. Hosting companies may also offer domain registration services along with website hosting services.

Advantages of Using New Web Addresses

By leveraging keywords before and after the dot, a new web address can provide significant SEO advantages for your website. Search engines like Google and Bing use web addresses as ranking factors in their algorithms. An address for your website that includes relevant keywords can significantly increase your website's ranking in search results, leading to more traffic and potential customers. This type of modern web address can also help your customers understand what your business is about, leading to increased trust and credibility.

Keep it Short and Memorable

When it comes to web addresses, shorter is better. A short and memorable address is easier for your customers to remember and type into their web browsers. Additionally, a new web address is more likely to be available and can be cost-effective.

Branding Considerations

In addition to the practical benefits of a new web address, it is also an essential component of your startup's branding. Your website name is often the first thing potential customers see when they search for your business online, and it can leave a lasting impression. An address for your website that accurately reflects your business's purpose and values can help establish your brand identity and differentiate you from competitors.

Security Considerations

In addition to the benefits of a modern web address, it's important to keep security in mind. Identity Digital, for example, includes free anti-phishing across all its web domains, which is essential for protecting your business and your customers.

Cost-Effective Alternative to a traditional TLD Name

While domain names that use traditional TLDs (Top-Level Domains) are still the most popular, they can be expensive and difficult to obtain. With the proliferation of new domain names, startups now have more cost-effective options better aligned with their business needs.

Transitioning Your Business from a Social-Only Presence to Your Own URL

Finally, it's important to transition your business from a social-only presence to your own URL. While social media can be an essential part of your marketing strategy, having your own website with a relevant web address is vital to building credibility and trust with your customers.

Success Stories: PQINA and Other Startups

Startup app developer PQINA highlights the advantages of new web addresses. After doing some research, Founder Rik Schennink decided to purchase the website name Within three months, this website ranked on page one of Google search results, and organic traffic increased significantly. Schennink's success with encouraged him to expand to additional new web addresses. He also purchased, and is considering launching an AI image generator at the new site in the future. Other startups, such as,,, and have also benefited from using modern web addresses.

A modern website name is crucial to enhance the success of your startup. By choosing a new web address that reflects your business's purpose and values and is consistent with your other branding efforts, you can set up your startup for success in the digital world. By leveraging keywords, keeping it short and memorable, and considering security and branding, you can significantly increase your website's ranking in search results and build credibility and trust with your customers. Schennink's experience effectively highlights the benefits of using a new web address, from leveraging a cost-effective alternative to a traditional name to transitioning your business from a social-only presence to your own URL. By prioritizing a new and modern web address, you, too, can establish a strong online presence and set your startup on the path to success.

Kimberly Michener joined Identity Digital in 2021. She heads up brand and integrated marketing and was instrumental in spearheading the successful Identity Digital rebrand and consumer campaign launch. Kim brings two decades of marketing experience from both agencies and enterprises in tech and various other industries. Before Identity Digital, she managed the advertising program at Epson America.

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