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Ivo van Breukelen
The PropTech Connection

Ivo van Breukelen is a US-based Property and Construction Tech expert. Ivo's position at the forefront of these industries means he's uniquely placed to provide insights into where the built environment is headed. Read his insights on where the innovation hubs are and why Millennials and Gen Z are changing the face of the Construction and Real Estate industries.

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Kara Goldin
Founder and CEO

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, a company she started in response to a lack of sugar-free flavoured water options in the USA. With over $100m in sales and having also overseen the launch of sunscreen and hand sanitiser products, Kara talks to The Industry Leaders about her journey, her leadership style and why leaders should learn to surf.

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Valerie Fischer
Trainer and Coach-Consultant


Valerie Fischer is a Philippines-based coach and marketing expert. Valerie talks to The Industry Leaders about how one little book changed her perspective and led her to a new career path and getting 190 client bookings from just a $300 outlay. Read about her inspiring journey, here.

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Ram Charan
Global Advisor &
Bestselling Author

Ram Charan is a global business advisor, author and speaker who has spent the past 35 years working with some of the most prominent companies and CEOs of our time. Ram talks to The Industry Leaders about the lessons he learned as a boy working in his father's shoe shop in India and tells us what every business leader should be doing with their time.

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Salina Yeung
Founder & CEO

When Covid hit, meaning she was unable to spend time with her family, LinkedIn expert consultant Salina Yeung quit her well-paying job on the platform to start her own business. Salina talks to The Industry Leaders about how her company started life as a simple blog, why she loves what she does, and why she's trying to get better at switching off.


Dr. Todd Dewett
TVA Inc.
Leadership Educator and Coach

Dr. Todd Dewett is one of LinkedIn's most prominent educators, helping thousands of people around the world solve issues in their careers. Dr. Dewett talks to The Industry Leaders about how he's 'not a great leader in the classic sense' and how he overcomes nerves before speaking to large audiences.





After working hard to get into and graduate from Harvard Law School, Julian Sarafian quickly found himself burned out and unhappy on an otherwise 'successful' career path. Julian talks to the Industry Leaders about why he quit his job in corporate law to focus on his mental health, how he built a community of thousands on social media telling his story, and gives advice for young people who set the bar high for themselves.

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