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After leaving a career in consulting behind during the global financial crisis, Charlene Li has never looked back.

From authoring six books on digital transformation and leadership, to becoming a LinkedIn Influencer and podcast host, Charlene's wisdom is helping some of the biggest companies on the planet to stay ahead of the game. She shares some of her key lessons with The Industry Leaders .


From founding a non-profit, to working for some of the most influential companies on earth, and walking away to start again, Jennifer Dulski's career in the tech industry has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Jennifer talks to The Industry Leaders about how her work with Facebook shaped the way people around the world interact in online communities and shares the thought process behind leaving influential roles at tech giants like Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook.


Dan McPherson is a man who has overcome multiple personal challenges to become a leadership trainer and advocate for professionals around the world.

In this exclusive interview, Dan talks to The Industry Leaders about what it takes to be successful and how to deal with (or stop being) a bad boss.


After working hard to get into and graduate from Harvard Law School, Julian Sarafian quickly found himself burned out and unhappy on an otherwise 'successful' career path. Julian talks to the Industry Leaders about why he quit his job in corporate law to focus on his mental health, how he built a community of thousands on social media telling his story, and gives advice for young people who set the bar high for themselves.


We talk to Linkedin expert consultant and LinkedIn marketing expert Salina Yeung. Salina is an ex-LinkedIn employee who uses her LinkedIn expertise to help individuals and businesses improve their profiles and generate leads through the platform. Salina talks to The Industry Leaders about how her company started life as a simple blog, why she loves what she does, and why she's trying to get better at switching off.


Andrew Axelrod, a Relationship Manager in the banking industry and formerly of Credit Suisse, talks to The Industry Leaders about his experiences in the industry and tells us why he's left it to go all-in on crypto.

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