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5 Actions New Business Owners Can Adopt to Tackle Climate Change

We’re all aware that due to climate change outcomes, many new businesses are and will be in the future greatly impacted in many different ways. For those who have just started out in the business world, you may not realise all the positive actions you can take to help fight it. Here are some actions you can implement today in your operation that will play a part in the fight against global warming.

Measure and Analyse Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The first step for any new business that wants to reduce its impact on the environment and planet is to measure its greenhouse gas emissions. For this, there are many private companies that are carbon footprint certified and can help your business measure its CO2 emissions. There’s also the option to study a climate change online course. This course can give you an insight into the organisational risks and opportunities posed by climate change.

Reduce Energy Consumption

When you factor in the cost of living and hike in energy prices, new business owners should be doing what they can to reduce their consumption regardless. Regarding the workplace, there are several tactics that can yield brilliant results for the planet, while keeping your operational costs down. These include switching lights off in the office in the evening, slightly lowering the heating, and taking devices off the plugs when it is not needed. It’s simple actions like these that can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint.

Pick Sustainable Suppliers

Every new and long-term business has a duty regarding the partners they choose to work with. Picking an environmentally-friendly supplier is a must, especially if you’re conscious about the environment. Make sure to stick with suppliers who demonstrate good environmental practices. While it may take a little longer to seek these providers out, knowing you’ve got people on board your brand who share the same passions and views is key to success.

Increase Awareness Among Staff and Customers

It’s not just new business owners who need to take action against climate change. If you have other employees within the company, make sure that you increase awareness among your workforce and customers. This can involve holding a training session on climate change. You can also print out leaflets which can be distributed to staff, customers, and clients.

Minimise Business Travel

Business travel is one of the top human-related emission generators for companies. If you’re a newly established business, try not to go down the route of excess travel for meetings. Instead, make use of technology and hold virtual meetings. This will go a long way in reducing your carbon emissions and helping the environment.

To combat climate change, new and long-term business owners need to adopt the actions above and put them into action sooner rather than later. Provided you implement the suggestions listed into your line of work, you can be confident in the knowledge you’re doing what you can to fight climate change and ultimately, protect the world for future generations to come.


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