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Adriana Gentile on Strategies for Staying Ahead

Adriana Gentile, Business & Manifestation Mentor, Founder of Wealthy Living Academy

Can you introduce yourself and share a little about your background?

Adriana has a compelling story of going from rocky beginnings, rebellious decisions, to world renowned entrepreneur. She has earned countless awards in fitness, leadership, and sales. Adriana has spoken on stages in front of thousands, launched her own fitness brand, and created an international sales team known as Good Vibe Partners. She can be found in media across North America for her holistic approach to the wellness of life, including, Fox45, ABC10, WSAZ, Medium & Authority Magazine, and many many more! Aside from her accolades, Adriana has an innate understand of the Laws of the Universe and has been called to raise human consciousness. She has stepped in to her power by starting her second company, Stratospheric Success / Wealthy Living Academy, a non-traditional way of teaching others how to create ultimate success: happiness, fulfilment, purpose, and an abundant life. A quantum physics approach to help you discover, launch, and scale your superpower. A "work smarter, not harder" philosophy to become in resonance with your chosen outcome. If you would like to “make a lot of money, help as many people as you can, and have fun while doing it” then you have found the right mentor for you! She believes that through self awareness, the understanding of human behavior, raising your consciousness, networking, and strategic decisions, you too can have everything your heart desires!

As a forward-thinking professional, how do you identify ways to stay ahead in your industry?

You have to be part of the evolution in every industry if you want to stay ahead. Which usually means pioneering new things. You have to be willing to push the boundaries and have a grand vision that is so far fetched that it makes you have to stretch beyond the already known. To stay ahead, you must remain open minded and seek new experiences, problems, and solutions, all of the time AND enjoy the ride as it truly is endless.

How often do you reassess your competitive landscape and, as I know you're very busy, I'd love for you to share any tips you have on carving out the time to do this?

I want to say that the only competition is the one in the mirror but if we're talking about how do we view other companies or people that offer the same thing as we do then I would say it's all perspective. If you see "competition" that strikes a cord with you , don't first go in to a negative judgement but a positive inspiration. For example, "Wow, the competition really nailed that advertising. I want to showcase our community similar to how they just did". I don't keep track of how often I "reassess the competitive landscape" because I don't go looking for it. I have a vision of the problem at hand, how I am solving it, and the actions I need to do to attain the goal. If the competition does something that catches my attention it's as easy as checking in with my highest self (or the companies highest self). Meaning, is this in alignment with my grand vision outcome? Yes or no? It's actually very simple. Have a vision, create a plan, execute the plan, believe in the plan, when a decision comes before you, check in with your highest self, decide, continue on until the plan has been completed. The most intimidating competition is the millions of ideas running through an indecisive, unclear mind.

What have been the most significant challenges you've faced when striving to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world, and how have you overcome them?

The most significant challenges I'm faced with when striving ahead in a rapidly changing world are peoples minds. When I first started in a direct sales company and saw the vision of what was possible, people weren't ready for it. Now everyone is on-boarding a passive income stream because they now know better financial literacy to build more wealth. Or how people think that manifestation is just a woo-woo word but when in fact it is a deep, quantum calculation that involves changing frequencies and DNA alignment with chosen outcomes. It's far more perplexed yet it's proven! There's significant data and published journaled studies on many , what used to be called, "phenomena's". So the most challenging part for me I find is holding my belief strong because I see something much larger than what our minds are used to conceiving. Then pair that with the human species always wanting to keep safe and in our comfort zones... I guess the hardest part is not saying "I told you so" and keeping humble about it because it's not about being right, it's about the information getting out there.

Can you pinpoint a defining moment or experience where your innovative strategies led to success or a competitive advantage in your business or career?

I have a few defining moments and strategies I can share with you. My first one was identifying within myself that I was being called for more. I already had a successful sales coaching and fitness brand, I was great at what I did, but my heart was missing something. I had always been in to the Law of Attraction and very mainstream energy understanding however it was just a side passion of mine. I didn't think I could create an entire business out of it. So as I was learning sales skills and ethics (because you always need to be learning to keep on your game), I was also reading high level published journaled studies on say the "the language of our DNA - scalar energy" or on the importance of decalcifying our pineal gland. Which brought me to books by entrepreneurial icons of our time like David Meltzer's "Connected To Goodness" which essentially combines my two worlds of sales and science / faith. I saw there is a market for high consciousness mentorship in the entrepreneurial world and I knew I am a master in this field. My second defining moment was hiring a mentor. Someone that I admired and emulated the life I aspired to create for myself. I spent a huge amount of money that too be honest, I didn't have readily sitting there to be used, however I believed in the woman I was becoming, who COULD afford a mentor of that stature. I found a way and made it happen. My strategy is to not waste time, check your ego at the door, and hire a mentor. It's a strategy because the majority of people want to try figuring it out on their own first to see if they can do it, and waste tons of time doing that. While I'm already ten steps ahead, learnt from my own experiences PLUS the with the knowledge of my mentor, and made my money back ,10X , before this person has even made a move.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients of an effective strategy for staying ahead in 2023?

The key ingredient is to truly love what you do and truly believe in what you're doing. I get excited when I "have" to learn more about what I do and how I help people, or need to do research on a potential partner. Leveling up your knowledge to stay ahead becomes a game, it becomes fun, and then when you learn a new strategy, watching you implement it and keeping track of the results is a thrill - whether the data is favorable or not, I'm still learning, applying, and discovering whether the strategy is garbage, needs tweaking, or is phenomenal! I also believe that having an open mind is a key ingredient for effective strategies for staying ahead in 2023. We live in a world now that is constantly changing. You must be able to set your foundation of core business skills, strategies, and ethics yet be able to embrace the new. For example, word of mouth referrals is a skill and strategy as old as time. But if you don't couple your reliance on worth of mouth referrals with today's modern day influencer online marketing, you're really missing out and giving a major advantage to your competition because you were unwilling to embrace and have faith in the new.

In your opinion, what role does continuous learning and personal development play in staying ahead, and how do you incorporate these practices into your own professional journey?

It is thee main role, period. You don't know what you don't know, so how will you continue to be ahead of the game if you don't even know the next move... I incorporate personal development in to my life every single day. It may shift and change daily based on what I'm doing, if I have my kids with me but every day I am doing something to "level myself up" because I am obsessed with learning and using that knowledge to "rank up" my life. For example, I do a form of meditation called Kundalini, that focuses on creating "stillness in the eye of the storm", slows down your nervous system via breath work, and expands your electromagnetic field via intention. This ignites my creative natural ability where I can hear my own thoughts and solve my own most vexed issues. Or podcasts while I drive, depending on what I'm looking for. Right now I am in a very inquisitive phase of my life where I'm actively building my brand so I like to use my drives as a time to listen to mind-expanding influences like Ed Mylett or Alex Harmozi. We actually enter in to almost like a meditation when we drive so you have the opportunity to maximize that time meaning it's important to create awareness over what you are choosing to fill your ears and mind with. Choose wisely!

Looking ahead, what emerging trends or technologies do you believe will have the most significant impact on businesses or ambitious professionals, and how are you preparing to leverage them for future success?

Right now we see A.I emerging trends which we have to learn to embrace and like anything, learn how to use it for our advantage, in alignment with our morals and values. For example, a product service can use A.I to discover what are the most searched hashtags or questions asked in your specific niche. This helps you create strategic content without wasting time. Or automized responses , I think those are great when they're done right. The key is to communicate what you're doing with your customer / client by informing them you have automated assistance to better serve them and you are personally overlooking everything, assuring five star service. However, an emerging technology that hasn't quite hit as a trend yet but mark my word, it's coming. Is the Renascence Revolution. First was 'The Industrial Revolution' , then 'The Analog to Digital Revolution', and the most important revolution of all; The revolution from dissonance to resonance. Meaning, the moment when humanity is given the keys to understanding the source of energy, understanding gravity control, longevity and more. This will greatly change and improve the way we do business forever in ways we have never seen before.

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