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Anza Goodbar on Strategies for Staying Ahead

Anza Goodbar, CEO Bankable Events LLC

Can you introduce yourself and share a little about your background?

Bankable Events is led by its founder and CEO, Anza Goodbar. With over 20 years of experience in the event and online business industries, Anza is a skilled business consultant and event strategist. She has a proven track record of designing and fine-tuning highly successful conversion strategies for corporate events, conventions, and conferences, making her a seasoned executive in the industry. Anza's expertise has been sought out by high-profile brands such as New York Life, NBC, Pfizer, Big XII Conference, Arrow Electronics, Morgan Stanley, and more. Her knowledge and experience in the industry have enabled her to successfully design and execute over 4,000 events ranging from intimate workshops and retreats to large-scale conferences and stadium events hosting 10 - 15K attendees. As a business consultant, Anza has helped her clients to generate revenue, increase the value for event participants, and build brand loyalty. Her hands-on experience in planning and executing profitable events has made her an industry expert, and her leadership of Bankable Events has provided businesses with the expertise necessary to monetize their live events successfully.

As a forward-thinking professional, how do you identify ways to stay ahead in your industry?

As a dynamic business consultant, I am on a constant quest to distinguish my services from the competition. One of the most potent ways we achieve this is by empowering visionary authors and ambitious business owners to harness the true potential of planning and hosting live events, propelling their ventures to new heights of success. The magic lies in the myriad ways these events can be monetized, while simultaneously elevating brand visibility and expanding a devoted client base. With our innovative approach, your live events become more than just gatherings – they become transformative and lucrative experiences that fuel business growth and set you apart as a true industry leader.

How often do you reassess your competitive landscape and, as I know you're very busy, I'd love for you to share any tips you have on carving out the time to do this?

In one of my favorite books, "How Successful People Think," John Maxwell guides leaders toward an exceptional journey of personal and professional growth. By following that roadmap, each month, we embark on an exercise of looking at our business from a bird's eye view to assess the business landscape. Through the practice of reflection, we take inventory of any gaps that might be developing and identify what is working and what needs improvement. These insights lead us to embrace change and innovation and brainstorm solutions that allow us to pivot and adapt to our clients' evolving needs and ever-shifting market dynamics. By staying ahead of the curve, we transcend the ordinary and forge a trailblazing path of excellence.

What have been the most significant challenges you've faced when striving to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world, and how have you overcome them?

At the beginning of the year, we embarked on an exciting journey of transformation, rebranding from Anza Goodbar Coaching and Consulting to the vibrant and innovative identity of Bankable Events. We were thrilled to step into the world of event strategy, where we saw endless possibilities for growing businesses and building an incredible community. During the pandemic, we noticed a deep longing in people to reconnect at live events, and we knew we could create something truly special to meet that need. Plus, there were so many talented authors out there whose books weren't getting the attention they deserved, and we were determined to change that! Breaking through the noise and standing out in a sea of regular business promotion was a challenge, but we never gave up. We persistently worked to share our unique message and cut through all the cookie-cutter solutions out there. Through it all, we remained passionate about our mission to make a real difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. We believe that Bankable Events can revolutionize the way businesses grow, and we're here to support and educate you every step of the way.

Can you pinpoint a defining moment or experience where your innovative strategies led to success or a competitive advantage in your business or career?

There was definitely a moment that sparked the changes we wanted to make! I had the opportunity to be a guest on a business-building podcast that aimed to assist small business owners in reaching the 5-year milestone. It was all about sharing what would be trending in the new year and providing powerful business-building solutions. After that podcast, I felt an electrifying surge of energy! It reignited my passion for my event background and my love for finding unique, tailor-made solutions to help business owners grow their brands and discover fresh avenues to generate revenue in their businesses. That moment was like a lightbulb going off in my mind, and I knew we were onto something truly special with Bankable Events. It became clear that we could offer the most innovative and effective strategies to make businesses thrive. And best of all, it created a blue ocean for us.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients of an effective strategy for staying ahead in 2023?

Based on my nearly 20 years of business experience I would say in today's fast-paced and ever-changing economy, staying ahead in your industry requires a combination of adaptability, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. This can be accomplished by: Continuous Learning: Stay informed about the latest industry developments, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies. Invest in continuous learning for yourself and your team to remain at the forefront of your field. Agility and Flexibility: Be agile and adaptable to respond quickly to changes in the market or unforeseen events. The ability to pivot and adjust your strategies is crucial for long-term success. Focusing on Customer Experience: Prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences. Listen to customer feedback, address concerns promptly, and personalize interactions to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your clients. Innovate and Differentiate: Seek innovative solutions and unique value propositions that set your business apart from competitors. Continuously strive to offer something new and valuable to your customers. Collaborate and Network: Build partnerships and collaborations within your industry to foster innovation, share knowledge, and expand your reach. Networking can lead to valuable opportunities and insights.

In your opinion, what role does continuous learning and personal development play in staying ahead, and how do you incorporate these practices into your own professional journey?

Great question! As a Maxwell Team Certified leadership and personal development coach and business consultant, personal and professional growth are at the heart of my daily activities, and I'm excited to share some compelling and friendly strategies that keep me ahead in my industry: Daily Reading: I make it a habit to dive into books that help me grow personally and professionally. Learning new skills and staying ahead of my clients' needs is essential in my role. As a Maxwell coach, I believe in solving bigger problems, and that requires consistent intentional action. So, I'm always exploring new ideas and gaining valuable insights from my reading. Embracing Failure: I find the power of journaling truly transformative. It's a safe space where I can track my failures, process them, and learn from the experiences. I firmly believe in failing forward because each setback becomes an opportunity for growth. Journaling is also an excellent way to note my wins and celebrate the progress I make along the way. Prioritizing Self-Care: As a coach, I understand the importance of work-life balance and self-care. Taking time for myself allows me to be fully present in every aspect of my life, making a more significant impact in my coaching practice. It's all about setting healthy boundaries to nurture both my personal well-being and professional success. By integrating these strategies into my routine, I continuously enhance my skills, deepen my understanding, and nurture a mindset of growth. It's not just about staying ahead in my industry; it's about creating a positive and transformative experience for myself and my clients.

Looking ahead, what emerging trends or technologies do you believe will have the most significant impact on businesses or ambitious professionals, and how are you preparing to leverage them for future success?

There are two that come to mind: Personalized Marketing: Advances in data analytics and customer insights have revolutionized how small businesses approach marketing. In the past, businesses relied on generic, one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns. However, with the vast amount of data available today, businesses can now gather information about customer behaviors, preferences, and demographics, allowing them to create personalized marketing messages and experiences. Data analytics tools can collect and analyze customer data from various sources, such as website interactions, social media engagement, purchase history, and more. This data helps small businesses understand their customers' preferences, interests, and pain points. With this valuable information, businesses can segment their audience and create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with specific groups of customers. Personalized marketing goes beyond simply addressing customers by their names in emails. It involves tailoring content, offers, and promotions based on individual interests and past behaviors. For example, a small clothing boutique can use data to recommend specific products to customers based on their previous purchases or browsing history. By providing relevant and timely content, businesses can enhance customer engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions. Contactless Payments: The shift towards contactless payments has accelerated in recent times, driven by the need for safety and convenience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses have quickly adopted contactless payment methods to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the market. Contactless payments refer to transactions made without the need for physical contact between the customer's payment method and the payment terminal. Two popular methods of contactless payments are mobile wallets and QR codes. Mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, allow customers to store their credit or debit card information securely on their smartphones. To make a payment, they only need to hold their device near the payment terminal, and the transaction is completed without the need to swipe or insert a card. QR codes are also gaining popularity as a contactless payment method. Customers can scan QR codes displayed on the business's payment terminal or website using their smartphones. This method is especially prevalent in restaurants and small businesses that offer online ordering and takeaway options. Contactless payments offer several benefits to small businesses. First, they enhance the overall customer experience by reducing transaction time and making payments more convenient. Additionally, contactless payments contribute to a sense of safety and hygiene, as they minimize physical contact between customers and payment devices, which has become particularly important during health concerns like the pandemic. By adopting contactless payment options, small businesses not only meet customer demands but also position themselves as modern and tech-savvy establishments, which can attract and retain more customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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