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Bibi Eneje, Founder, Kora & Hive PR

Bibi Eneje is the Founder of Kora & Hive PR and took some time out to share with The Industry Leaders the best tactics to grow your business with social media.

Can you give our readers some background on the main social platforms you use to grow your business?

When I decided to start my agency, I truly wanted to focus on doing the work only for the time being. But I also needed a place to showcase the work being done by the agency, so we created an Instagram page and started sharing the process story of how we created all the good stuff we did for our clients. So currently the agency is presently on Instagram only.

Can you share a memorable example of how you leveraged social media to achieve significant business growth or a specific marketing objective?

Someone once said that if there was no picture or video of something you did, then it didn’t happen. I took this statement more seriously when a close friend helped me realize that I and the agency weren’t visible. I had to take a step back and recollect all of the content we’ve ever put out as an agency and created a content Bank, then worked on schedule and started sharing about our work. And with each post there’s a new potential client in the funnel.

What strategies or tactics have you found successful in building and engaging your social media audience?

One thing I’m usually concerned about with using social media is running out of content and breaking consistency. How we’ve been able to fix this is by batch-creating and scheduling our content. This helps us with consistency and gives us more time to focus on actually engaging with the people who show an interest in our content.

Are there any quick fixes that anyone can make to instantly improve their personal or business social profile?

Have a goal for each piece of content you put out. Not every piece of content created is for to pull in new followers. Most times it’s for the purpose of nurturing your already existing followers, or even for boosting your brand’s visibility and image.

Is there any one tactic you'd recommend to people who want to grow their business using social media?

Engage with your audience more. Responding to comments with random emojis won’t exactly help you understand your audience’s real needs. So ask questions when you need to, clarify, explain more, ask for detailed feedback. This is how you can improve and grow.

Are there any accounts you follow to find inspiration for your own content?

Yes! I love PR Girl Manifesto and Girl Boss they are great pages for valuable resources and just daily inspiration to stay consistent.

Can you share any insights on creating compelling and shareable content on social media that resonates with your target audience?

Use polls, question stickers etc to determine what your audience is most interested in. Aesthetics aren’t entirely vain, when your content is easy to read/digest it is easy to take action on it as a follower.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts and how often do you do this?

I mentioned earlier the importance of giving each content piece you share a goal. This applies here as well. If I created a video to educate my audience on a particular topic some ways in which I’ll measure the success of that post include;

- Checking out how many people understood the message

- Did they ask questions?

- Did they offer additional insight to the topic

Etc. this is one of the ways I’m able to measure the effectiveness of my social media efforts.

Finally, looking ahead, what emerging trends or changes do you foresee in the social media landscape, and how do you plan to adapt your social strategy to meet them?

I recently saw an AI generated video as an Instagram reel, and it looked really interesting. I believe that this is a trend that will be picked up pretty fast. I know a number of people who aren’t very confident is their video presentation skills and this looks like a great solution for them.

Where should people follow you to find out more about your work?


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