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Key Features of Accounts Payable Automation Software

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The international marketplace for money owed payable automation, worth $2.7 billion in 2021, is expected to increase at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2022 to 2031 to reach $8.3 billion. As companies grow, dealing with accounts payable will become a larger venture.

Keeping invoices, payments, and fees can take time and assets. This is where bills payable automation software comes in on hand. This software streamlines the entire money owed payable system, saving time and strength.

In this blog, we will cover the key features of the accounts payable automation software so that it will help simplify your accounts payable technique.

What Is Accounts Payable Automation Software?

  • Accounts payable automation software (AP software) is an application designed to streamline the monetary procedures of organizations by automating the debt payable system.

  • This software program is designed to address all factors of AP, such as bill processing, payments, monitoring, and reporting.

  • AP automation software can reduce the time and effort in manually coping with invoices, reduce mistakes and delays, enhance the manipulation of financial methods, and provide greater visibility and transparency into monetary transactions.

  • It is designed to work with corporations of all sizes and can be scaled depending on the organization's necessities. Accounts payable automation software streamlines the debt payable method in numerous ways.

  • It starts with electronic bill processing, which automates the receipt and processing of invoices with bill scanning generation.

  • The software additionally reads the bill records, digitizes information to match invoices and orders, and verifies the invoice towards Purchase Orders to save you duplicate invoices from being processed.

  • Once the bill is established, the software will path it for approval to the suitable person for verification. After the approval, the fee is despatched electronically to the vendor.

  • The system additionally gives a centralized view of invoice processing. It can provide an actual-time reputation of AP activities, which empowers the finance team to make informed choices and improve cash flow.

Invoice Processing

One of the most essential functions of debt payable automation software is the ability to method invoices quickly and as it should be. The software program extracts data from invoices, seller records, bill numbers, and amounts and then enters that information into the gadget.

This eliminates the want for guide information access, which may be time-consuming and at risk of errors. When invoices are processed fast, bills can be made on time, and agencies can avoid past-due charges and damaged seller relationships.

Automated Workflows

Accounts payable automation software additionally includes approval workflows that could help agencies automate their approval strategies. These workflows allow organizations to install policies for the way invoices are authorized. For instance, you can rule that invoices over a certain amount require a manager's approval. This enables streamlining the approval method, reduces the danger of mistakes, and guarantees that invoices are paid on time.

Payment Handling

Another crucial function of the debts payable automation software program is the ability to handle payments. Whether you're paying vendors by check, ACH, or cord switch, the software can generate payments and even publish them to your bank for processing. You can also install habitual bills for monthly fees and rent or utilities. This helps reduce the effort and time required when handling bills.


Accounts payable automation software program also affords sturdy reporting abilities. These reports give businesses insights into spending behavior, charge history, and coins that go with the flow. You can see which providers you have paid the maximum to, which invoices are past due, and which bills are scheduled to be made. These facts can be used to make informed decisions about your spending and budgeting.


Finally, the bills payable automation software program can integrate with other systems, which includes your accounting software program, CRM, or ERP. This allows for the seamless switch of facts among structures, reducing the want for replica statistics entry and ensuring that records are correct and updated.


Accounts payable automation software can enhance your debt payable procedure by streamlining duties, saving time and resources, and reducing the chance of mistakes.

Key features, including invoice processing, approval workflows, fee dealing with, reporting, and integration, can assist in simplifying the complete money owed payable system. Invest inside the right accounts payable automation software program that has these functions and see what a difference it may make in your commercial enterprise operations.

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Jan 15

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