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Meet Factored, The Startup Helping Landlords To Access Capital

With more than 8 million households in the UK renting properties, it makes up a significant chunk of how Britons live. But with being a tenant and having a landlord often comes problems and responsibilities and for one startup, they are helping landlords access capital in a faster and efficient way than before.

Factored, is the brainchild of David Rabee and Benjamin Schuldenfrei who combined have more than 20 years of experience in the property and tech industry. 

“The landlord industry is booming, people and using buy to let mortgages and renting out flats and homes to students, young professionals, families, retirees and everything in between,” explains Rabee. “But the problem for many landlords is getting access to affordable and flexible capital, something that is very restrictive from UK banks and has no clear product offering.”

Factored offers a way for landlords to draw down on their future rental income and receive up to £10,000 immediately for important renovations, energy efficient upgrades or even to expand their portfolio,” he says.

“Rather than waiting slowly for that rental income to come in and build up, landlords have a facility with Factored that they can use immediately. The product is similar to invoice factoring, because it is based on future sales.”

Factored offers very affordable rates, with the lowest rates at 1.46% per month for an 18 month product. A typical £3,000 draw down will cost £786.15 in interest of 18 months. But like invoice factoring, landlords can use the product for a few months at a time, repay and recycle again.

The factoring product aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs and self-employed people, who are looking to act fast, serve their customers and continue to grow. Whilst getting finances and accounting for landlords in order can be tricky, this offers an important injection of cash at very flexible rates and repayment terms.

Talking more about the product itself, Schuldrenfrei adds that “landlords can protect their credit scores because there are no hard checks performed.”

“Our factoring product appeals to all landlords, of all sizes, from very established ones, to those just starting out - but interesting we have found some real traction amongst landlords who are husband and wife duos and who are operating out of some remote areas of Britain.”

“For more established landlords, the offer of low rates and fast turnarounds is attractive. For less experienced landlords, the premise of no hard credit checks, flexibility, inclusivity of those facing challenges and early settlement discounts make it a popular choice.”

The startup has had a strong launch based out of its headquarters in startup London.

The team plan to scale their business over Q3 and Q4 and introduce more solutions and offerings in 2025.


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