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The Quality Of Transcription Services For The Legal Industry - UK vs Outsourcing Abroad

Any business could benefit from the use of professional UK transcription services. There are a few benefits to choosing a native-speaking transcription service for your business, especially in professional settings such as the legal sector, where the accuracy of what is said at any given moment during meetings is important. Alongside the importance of accuracy, professional transcription services provide you with the tools to offer great levels of security and confidentiality, important pillars of any business or organisation.

You might be on the lookout for a transcription service and be wondering what the best choice is for your needs – a UK transcription service or an outsourced service abroad. Let’s dive into the debate and see what the best choice is for you.

Why Should You Transcribe?

In its simplest terms, transcription is the act of turning audio into text. We see this in everyday life in the form of subtitles or captions on our TV screens, but it has been around for a very long time. In certain professional settings where there have been important client meetings, legal issues discussed, or internal meetings that have been recorded, transcription offers a way to provide full accuracy of what was said and when making a long conversation more easily digestible and improving the focus and standards of every person present.

Good transcription services help to:

Improve your turnaround time – where there is audio or video work being looked at and created on a regular basis, hiring a transcription service as part of your on-going process could help to significantly reduce turnaround time. This makes sense for transcriptions of commercial video and audio right through to legal interviews and speeches.

Maintain accuracy – if there are speeches and legal interviews, company policies that have been created or discussed in meetings, or any other important audio or video that need to be converted into legible written text, a professional transcription service is required. They will provide strict verbatim transcripts or edited transcripts that are accurate and convey the true message of the audio being converted.

Bring commercial benefits – for some businesses, transcription services are required to help put words to pictures where video content has been made for marketing and SEO purposes. Search engines can read the transcription of a video and know what is contained within it, helping a business to be found on Google.

Maintain good focus – it can be difficult to keep the focus of your employees during large, important meetings, especially if they are a regular occurrence. Transcribing meetings and any events with speakers and then providing those to employees allows them to focus on the speaker at the time and have something to look to afterward for their own notes, rather than put pressure on employees to make notes and keep the thread at the time.

Why Should You Choose A UK Transcription Service?

Choosing a transcription service for your business needs is one thing, but why should you choose a native-speaking UK transcription service over outsourcing the project to a person or company abroad?

Accuracy – the biggest reason for using a UK-based transcription service is the level of accuracy they can deliver. Working with native English speakers is the best way to guarantee high standards on a consistent basis. With this in mind, also avoid those companies who outsource their own transcription work.

Faster turnaround times – we’ve noted the benefits of a fast turnaround above, but this becomes even better when dealing with a service in the UK. The best UK services will deliver a fast turnaround time without damaging the credibility and the accuracy of the content. This is crucial if you are facing a tight deadline.

Good communication – a UK-based transcription service will usually be much easier to contact and to have communication with than a company you have outsourced to that is based abroad. This makes logical sense, as you are dealing with people working the same hours as you. It makes it easier to have a back-and-forth, to go through notes and make any required changes.

Knowledge of nuance and dialect – to come back around again to the accuracy dimension, within the UK, there is a broad range of dialects and nuance to language. When it comes to transcription and the utmost accuracy, a UK-based team is more likely to understand the nuance and dialects of a broad range of British people, whereas outsourcing to a non-native English speaker might lead to some confusion at times over what has exactly been said.

As you can see, the use of professional legal transcription services from a team of native speakers makes a lot of sense for any professional business in the UK. Transcription services offer a wide range of benefits to businesses and professional organisations.

It helps to boost security and confidentiality whilst maintaining a high standard of accuracy, which is vital within sectors where note-taking and transcription is a requirement, where delicate, sensitive, and pertinent information can make or break a case, a project, or a task. Ensure you have access to the very best transcription services should you need to transcribe anything within a professional setting. It will make a massive difference to your standards along the way.

Denise Elsdon is the Founder/Owner of Alphabet Transcription Specialists. Alphabet has been in operation for 28 years, providing virtual transcription services for high-profile clients such as the NHS, Clarivate, ICON, and Chatham House.

Denise and the team have been successful in offering a superior service for pharmaceutical, legal, and think tank clients. With excellent customer service always being at the heart of the organisation, Alphabet has grown from strength to strength in the industry.


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