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Tim Connon, Founder & CEO, ParamountQuote

Tim Connon is Founder & CEO of ParamountQuote and took some time out to share with The Industry Leaders the best tactics to grow your business with social media

Can you give our readers some background on the main social platforms you use to grow your business?

We use Facebook and LinkedIn to grow our social media presence. By using tags and relevant descriptions on our posts we are able to target our main audience when it comes to promoting our services. Our posts are centered around life insurance for the seniors market. We share our latest articles on burial insurance for seniors in order to provide value and education to our clients and potential clients that can follow our pages.

Can you share a memorable example of how you leveraged social media to achieve significant business growth or a specific marketing objective?

Yes we actually leveraged Quora to get over 500 content views in within a couple months. We found relative questions related to final expense insurance that our articles answered in deep detail. We linked these articles in answers to those posts and gained free traffic and views to our blog.

What strategies or tactics have you found successful in building and engaging your social media audience?

Optimizing your posts with hashtags and searching for specific questions to answer are the most successful tactics. This increases our posts relevance and other users that find our content engaging are able to share and link out to it. Hashtags are extremely powerful as they indicate the keywords and relevance to the actual posts so more users will see them.

Are there any quick fixes that anyone can make to instantly improve their personal or business social profile?

Make sure your profile actually mirrors your business profile 100%. This will make it easier for users to contact you via your social medias. You want to make sure your company phone number is accessible through all of the different channels. This can result in an abundance of phone calls to your business. If everything matches across all your accounts this adds legitimacy and makes it easier for the customers all over the internet to reach you.

Is there any one tactic you'd recommend to people who want to grow their business using social media?

Post twice per week and link out to either your blog or YouTube channel. Social media is a source of free traffic to your blogs or videos so use it with proper hashtags to link users to content. The longer they spend on your content the more value they gain and ultimately become a client.

Are there any accounts you follow to find inspiration for your own content?

Yes one of the accounts I follow is Neil Pattel for inspiration.

Can you share any insights on creating compelling and shareable content on social media that resonates with your target audience?

Make sure to include relevant keywords so the content is descriptive and aimed at the right audience. We specialize in final expense life insurance so we would write a post about the cost of funerals and how burial insurance will pay for this cost. This ensures our posts is keyword rich and targeting users looking into burials.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts and how often do you do this?

We go off of engagements and likes. Those are the 2 most simple metrics most visitors trigger. We measure this once a week to get an idea of the user engagement.

Finally, looking ahead, what emerging trends or changes do you foresee in the social media landscape, and how do you plan to adapt your social strategy to meet them?

We see AI increasing and making customer recommendations to users. We plan to keep our social media strategy the same because adding relevance to your posts will only increase the chances of AI algorithms picking it up and recommending it to users. All we have to do is write for the reader and the machines will handle the rest.

Where should people follow you to find out more about your work?


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