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Valuable Lessons COVID-19 Taught Us

During the middle of a pandemic, there are some essential things to consider to maintain your mental wellbeing. Read through these invaluable tips to stay on top of your mental health.

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone. We’ve been forced to reinvent so many aspects of our lives to stay safe and redefine normalcy. We’ve overcome countless obstacles and had to grieve the lives we couldn’t lead.

Silver linings don’t come close to justifying or erasing the cost, but they’re still there, and we should appreciate them for what they are. We should seek to carry these lessons with us long after the threat has passed.

The Value of a Beautiful Home

For many governments, the preferred way to keep people safe during the pandemic was to stay home as much as possible. It’s no wonder so many of us have started redecorating, reorganising, and revitalising our homes. After all, evidence shows that pleasant decor and tidy surroundings significantly affect our mental health. The way we’ve learned to value our surroundings will serve us well for life.

How Exercise Brings Joy

No matter how beautiful your home is, however, you can still wind up getting cabin fever. Fortunately, we’ve all seen how much of an impact exercise can have on our psychological wellbeing. Whether you’ve picked up a yoga routine, started going on daily walks, or just enjoyed a dance party in your living room, these moments of exercise gave you a much-needed chance to let off steam.

Nature’s Soothing Power

Since going outside was considered relatively low risk by many health professionals, many of us explored our local parks and hiking trails. Along the way, we’ve learned how much getting out can improve our lives. Sunlight and fresh air have an influential impact on our moods, energy levels, and even our immune systems. Because of this, it’s no wonder we’ve all found ourselves so drawn to a quiet moment outdoors.

We should continue prioritising access to parks and nature reserves while protecting our planet to keep these things accessible to future generations.

Community Support Techniques

Another powerful lesson we’ve learned is how to support our communities effectively. The pandemic has forced changes in how we interact with one another, putting local businesses at major risk.

Fortunately, communities have risen to meet the challenge. More and more people are shopping locally, picking small nearby restaurants over chains and local shops or online shopping. Bolstering our local economy will continue to serve everyone well, whether or not we’re facing COVID. Remember to support the business owners in your area to help your community thrive.

Making Time for Our Passions

Finally, the pandemic forced us to learn new ways to fill our time. When we couldn’t go out, we learned how to value the time spent on our own. We picked up hobbies, tried new things, and unlocked passions we’d once forgotten.

For example, bike shops and roller skate retailers worldwide have run out of inventory at various points since last year. This shortage shows one small way people have embraced their passions and learn to make time for the things that make them happy. If this year has taught us nothing else, it’s taught us to value what brings us joy.

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We are sure to carry the effects of this pandemic with us even as things return to normal. But as we remember the grief, the stress, the uncertainty, let’s resolve to recognise the ways it also brought out our best.

Photo Credit: Pexels


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