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6 Key Benefits of a Low-Code BPM platform for Businesses

by Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth, at Arggo

Many of the private and public companies have evolved and grown without a centralised IT Business team. Therefore, to continue their digital transformation journey, they need a low-code development platform that can successfully replace or adapt to existing standard digital solutions without the need of having a dedicated IT department. Additionally, a low-code platform can make app creation accessible to anyone who knows how the departments and companies they run should work in the most efficient way.

Timeqode is one such digital business process management (BPM) platform that has many advantages and all the capabilities that allow companies to build any kind of workflow or application, without limitations in terms of functionality, without having to write any code along the way. Here are six of the key benefits of using a low-code digital platform:

  1. Time-as-a-service

The business process management platform offers above all the time-saving benefit, helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals quickly and cost-effectively without constraints for heavy initial investment or the necessity of extensive programming skills.

  1. Ready-made but fully customizable business solution

A low-code digital platform can be applied in virtually all industries, depending on the concrete business needs of a company. This means companies can achieve greater agility, speed and accuracy in their operations and respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. The platform offers constant updates and support services for users and clients, making sure that all processes are optimized and constantly made easier to use and understand.

  1. Flexibility and the ability to make code development faster.

A platform’s flexibility and its vast array of customization features allow users to easily create any type of web application, regardless of its complexity, without needing coding knowledge or writing any code at all. The platform has a friendly and easy to understand interface and uses drag and drop features that help them design previously manual or partially-automised processes into efficient fully-automated processes designed for scale.

  1. Money saver

One of the most valuable benefits of the Timeqode platform is that it can be fully integrated with any existing ERP system, which means companies can leverage their existing investments in technology and avoid expensive and time-consuming migration processes. With many companies still recovering financially from the COVID-19 hiatus, gaps or even reductions in cashflow must be avoided.

Being highly customizable, these platforms allow users toimprove to improve their business processes, rather than being forced to adapt their processes to the platform. This means companies can achieve greater efficiency and productivity by automating their processes in a way that makes sense for them, without being forced to align their strategy to rigid technical limitations.

Timeqode platform has a flexible and competitive pricing structure that allows companies to start at their own pace and balance their digitalisation investments wisely. For example, companies can access and use the platform through an affordable monthly subscription, without the need for a lengthy implementation. Because the cumulative benefits of the platform will be seen more over time than straight away, the pricing structure needs to reflect this.

  1. A real management tool

A low-code platform like Timeqode can become the comprehensive business process management tool that helps companies automate processes across multiple departments and systems, eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, implement a digital workflow, even

3X faster.

  1. Easy Maintenance

In the case of traditional applications, it takes more time and more programming steps for various settings. The developers have to manually fix bugs and add new features. With an app like Timeqode, there are very few errors to deal with. Since the plug-ins available on low-code platforms are pre-tested to work together smoothly, any new features can be added without the user having to worry about compatibility.

“A low-code platform like Timeqode gives us the flexibility to create custom-made applications by optimizing end-to-end business processes and giving organizational leaders the ability to have a transparent, centralised image of the company’s activity”, said Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at business software development and consulting company Arggo.

He added: “With a vast experience in many industries (Retail, Services, Real Estate, Utilities, Production, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Hospitality), we approach each client visualising the entire process, from Business Process Reengineering, system analysis, through the final implementation and ongoing support. From the partnership perspective, we are looking for system integrators, business consulting firms, software development or implementation partners, professional services companies focused on specific industries, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), VARs (Value-Added Resellers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer)”.


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