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Tech Leaders You Probably Haven't Heard of But Should Be Following in 2024

Leaders from the tech industry have always worn their ability to move quickly as a badge of honor. But, in 2024, AI has taken things, to a point where staying up to speed with what's going on has never been more essential for business leaders.

While big names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg often dominate the headlines, there are other influential figures out there making waves. These tech leaders, who you might not have heard of, are revolutionizing their respective fields and are worth hitting 'follow' for in 2024.

Whether you're looking for fresh insights, innovative strategies, or simply some inspiration to fuel your own business ventures, these tech leaders offer a wealth of knowledge and forward-thinking perspectives.

1. Daniel Schreiber, Co-Founder and CEO of Lemonade

Daniel Schreiber is revolutionizing the ever-more tech-focused insurance industry with Lemonade, a company that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to streamline services.

"As a seasoned UK insurance pro, I always keep tabs on influential figures in our industry, and I must recommend you follow Daniel Schreiber on LinkedIn. Daniel, the co-founder and CEO of Lemonade, is an important factor in the Insurtech space as his company really shakes things up by notably using artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to improve how the insurance world functions."

Steve Case, Sales Director at Insurance Hero

Tech leader Daniel Schreiber linkedin profile

Schreiber’s innovative approach ensures quick and efficient claim handling, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. By following him, you can gain insights into the latest tech advancements, customer-focused strategies, and essential regulatory changes.

2. Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

Profile photo of women tech leader: Reshma Saujani
Reshma Saujani, copyright: @ ADRIAN KINLOCH

Reshma Saujani is a champion for women in tech, founding Girls Who Code to close the gender gap in the tech industry. Her efforts have inspired countless young women to pursue careers in technology, fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech community.

Saujani’s work not only promotes gender equality but also highlights the importance of coding and computer science education for young girls. Her influence continues to grow as she advocates for policies and programs that support women tech leaders.

3. Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Jensen Huang has been instrumental in the development of advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI technologies at NVIDIA. His leadership has propelled NVIDIA to the forefront of the tech industry, with innovations that are transforming various sectors, including gaming, AI, and data science.

Huang has been CEO of NVIDIA for three decades, but it's only been the last couple of years that he's been considered a 'celebrity' tech leader. Just take a look at this stock chart from June 2024 to find out why:

Huang’s forward-thinking approach and emphasis on AI-driven solutions make him a pivotal figure to follow for anyone interested in the future of technology.

4. Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a trailblazer in the tech industry, particularly in the realm of social networking and dating apps. As the founder and CEO of Bumble, Wolfe Herd has created a platform that empowers women, allowing them to make the first move in dating.

Not sure if she's worth a follow?

Consider what she told Bloomberg Technology Summit in San Francisco this year:

“If you want to get really out there, there is a world where your [AI] dating concierge could go and date for you with other dating concierge,” she told host Emily Chang. “Truly. And then you don’t have to talk to 600 people. It will scan all of San Fransisco for you and say: ‘These are the three people you really outta meet.'”

Wolfe Herd's innovative approach to social networking and commitment to creating safe online spaces have set new standards in the industry. Wolfe Herd’s influential position among women tech leaders continues to inspire and shape the future of social tech.

5. Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Co-Director of the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute

Dr. Fei-Fei Li is a leading figure in the field of artificial intelligence, known for her pioneering work in computer vision. As the co-director of the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute, Li focuses on the ethical and humanistic aspects of AI development.

Dr Fei-Fei Li, women tech leader
Credit: Wikipedia

Dr. Li is perhaps little-known outside of tech circles but has been working with policymakers in the US to ensure the responsible use of technologies, making her - quite simply - one of the most important people on the planet.

Her efforts emphasize the importance of creating AI technologies that are not only powerful but also beneficial and fair for society. Following Li provides valuable insights into the intersection of AI and human values.

6. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Satya Nadella has transformed Microsoft into a leader in cloud computing and AI under his leadership.

Nadella’s vision and strategic initiatives, particularly around AI and strategic investments into ChatGPT's OpenAI, have driven significant growth and innovation at Microsoft, making it a key player in the tech industry.

His posts are informative and inspirational, making him a must-follow for anyone interested in technology and leadership.

Eric Sornoso, Co-Founder of Mealfan

Jen Dulski, Founder and CEO of Rising Team, believes AI will continue to grow in influence in 2024, lead in no small part by tech leaders like Nadella:

"With AI taking over many day-to-day tasks, teams will spend less time on routine activities and will have more time to focus on strategic work and collaborative problem-solving. As a result, interpersonal dynamics will become even more important for team productivity–especially in remote work environments."

Jen Dulski, Founder and CEO of Rising Team

Nadella’s focus on AI and cloud technologies ensures that Microsoft remains at the cutting edge, and following his updates can provide valuable insights into the future of technology.

7. Cheryl K Goodman, CEO

As a former senior leader at Sony Global, Qualcomm, Athena, Mp3com and a host of startups, Cheryl has led global teams and brought 4G, 5G, IoT, and AI products to market.

A regulart speaker and moderator and at tech and AI-focused conferences, Cheryl is beginning to build a following among people interested in cutting edge tech.

Cheryl is a force in understanding AI

Bill Byrne, Managing Director, Remedy PR


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