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7 reasons to use a low-code Business Process Management (BPM) platform

Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at Arggo explains,

Today's economic-social contexts cause companies to conduct their business processes at a fast pace. To meet market and customer demands, they must go through digital transformations. However, many of these companies have developed without a specialised IT team focused on business digitalisation. For these, the ideal solution is a low-code BPM platform. This kind of digital solution comes with many advantages for businesses, especially since it can come bundled with ready-to-use solutions or be the basis on which tailored solutions are created.

“The goal of the current generation of low-code platforms is to simplify work, to create applications quickly, without the need for users to worry about coding. It becomes essential to choose a low-code platform that can meet the development requirements of a company.”

7 reasons why? 

Why should companies choose a low-code BPM platform over any other digital solution? Here are but a few of the strongest reasons:

Unparalleled Flexibility

A low-code platform empowers businesses to create virtually any type of application, regardless of its complexity. It offers a level of customisation and adaptability that's second to none. In addition, with such solutions, it is simple to automate business processes, analyse performance and integrate the platform with existing systems.

Accessibility for All

A low-code platform can meet the needs of a company, regardless of whether it is used by an IT specialist or someone with no skills in writing code. Thus, it is easy to use by anyone who wants to increase the performance of a company by streamlining business processes.

Extended Functionality

A low-code digital solution is developed to have a multitude of features and capabilities to cover a wide spectrum of business needs such as customer acquisition, e-commerce, process automation, data analysis, social impact, and more.

Money saver 

It enables companies to make smart use of their existing technology investments and avoid costly and time-consuming conversion processes. A business must manage its cash flow very well to avoid wasting money, especially if it has not yet recovered financially after the pandemic.


The platform can grow with the company in which it is used because it can scale depending on the updates that are brought to the business processes and the requirements they impose over time.

Ease of maintenance 

Traditional digital solutions require more programming processes and effort to implement different options. Bugs and new features must be manually added by the developers. Low-code platforms allow for the addition of new features without the user having to worry about compatibility because the integrated plug-ins have already been tested to perform well together.

Outstanding Support

A business software development offers support and assistance to its technological partners and resellers to ensure success when implementing and using a low-code BPM platform. 


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