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Bardya Ziaian, CEO of Sittu Group Inc., on forming strategic partnerships and fostering growth

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Bardya Ziaian is the CEO of Sittu Group, Inc., a Toronto-based consulting management firm providing tailored strategies and analysis to forward-looking entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Bardya and his team lend their expertise to companies looking to gain new insights into their growth potential. They provide guidance in adapting business models to increase responsiveness to macro-economic conditions. 

Could you provide an overview of Sittu Group and its core mission?

Bardya Ziaian: Sure. Sittu Group is a think tank that operates across various industries such as technology, real estate, hospitality, and sustainable energy. We have a unique operating model that allows us to directly assist our clients with achieving the core mission of their venture. We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and we look for ways that we can impact innovation, operational efficiency and performance management. We create solutions that align with our clients’ values and goals.  

Can you share more about the specific sectors or industries that Sittu Group is actively involved in?

Bardya Ziaian: Absolutely. In the technology sector, we focus on software development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. We also have investments in renewable energy projects, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future. Additionally, our real estate division is involved in property development, while our hospitality sector encompasses luxury resorts and hotels globally.

How does Sittu Group maintain its focus and drive success across these various industries?

Bardya Ziaian: We have a dedicated team at Sittu who are focused on finding strategic partnerships and opportunities for growth. We’re looking at company structures, operational efficiency, management capabilities. Our approach is centered on collaboration and moving forward together with confidence, with a goal of staying flexible and ready to adapt to market changes. 

How has the evolution of fintech influenced the behavior and decision-making process of self-directed investors?

Bardya Ziaian: The impact of fintech on self-directed investors has been profound. Fintech innovations, ranging from mobile trading apps to AI-powered investment tools, are encouraging more and more IRA investors seek access to alternative asset investment options for their retirements. They’re looking into asset classes like private equity, real estate, crypto. It’s never been easier to diversify portfolios - but as with any new technology, we have to be cautious about bypassing the expertise that the technology is meant to replace. SDIs shouldn’t assume they don’t need the advice of financial professionals. 

What upcoming projects or initiatives is Sittu Group excited about?

Bardya Ziaian: We're particularly excited about our upcoming AI-driven solutions in the healthcare sector, aimed at improving patient care and medical diagnostics. Additionally, we're expanding our renewable energy portfolio with new solar and wind energy projects. Furthermore, we're exploring opportunities in emerging markets to broaden our global presence.

What values or principles guide Sittu Group in its business endeavors?

Bardya Ziaian: Our name "Sittu" stems from Chinese words "思(Si)途(Tu)" which translates to “thinking while moving forward.” That defines our whole approach - it's the basis of our philosophy. We’re looking to help our partners move forward through diversification, internal improvements, and an agility that allows them to adapt to a dynamic marketplace. 


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