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Boost Your Creativity and Brand with a .live Web Address

By Kimberly Michener, Sr. Director, Brand and Integrated Marketing at Identity Digital

Join the Thriving Community of Live Content Creators with a .live Web Address

The digital landscape is abuzz with the power of live content and streaming. Musicians amplify their sound on platforms like SoundCloud, gamers engage fans on YouTube, shoppers explore live product endorsements on Amazon, and event companies host captivating online events.

This rise of live streaming and content has opened new doors for creativity and brand building. Enhancing your live presence is as simple as incorporating a .live web address into your marketing toolkit. This Top-Level-Domain (TLD) has been the second most adopted Identity Digital new web address since January 2020. Hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs are recognizing its game-changing potential. This personalized and expressive web address allows people to communicate their brand stories while boosting their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. It sets them apart as cutting-edge and creative brands quickly and clearly.

Boost Your SEO Strategy with Meaningful Words

By strategically incorporating meaningful words on both sides of the dot, .live web addresses can positively impact your SEO. This placement of keywords helps improve search engine rankings, making it easier for your target audience to find you when searching for terms like "live streaming." The increased visibility helps drive more traffic to your website, expanding your brand's reach among the over 600,000 .live TLDs adopted since January 2021 per Identity Digital, showing the widespread use of .live domains in a relatively short period.

Amplify Your Live Events

Not only can .live web addresses boost your SEO strategy, but they also offer a seamless way to amplify your live events. Bringing live events to your website becomes effortless with a .live web address. Whether hosting live concerts, gaming tournaments, webinars, or product launches, a .live domain allows you to reach a larger online audience. Your .live web address serves as a centralized hub where event attendees can access photos, videos, and additional information, even after the event concludes. It keeps the buzz alive and allows you to showcase the success of your event, creating a lasting connection with your audience.

Building a Following with .live Domains

Many trending live streamers, online influencers, and others have discovered the "secret weapon" of .live domains in branding and SEO. Discover how some have leveraged .live domains to build their devoted following.

Showcasing the Success of .live Domains: Customer Examples

Dominating Event Photography is the domain of a sports-photography company specializing in capturing mass participation events. With over 200 million images captured, serving more than 30 million athletes, and covering over 8,000 events, their website has become the go-to destination for live event attendees.

The Power of Keywords on Both Sides of the Dot offers an all-in-one live streaming solution, empowering businesses, media companies, music and entertainment professionals, tech creators, universities, and houses of worship to multi-stream their content. Amna Suleiman, a digital marketing specialist at, shares her experience: "Research showed that 'onestream' and 'live' were high-volume search keywords for live streaming, so we chose, which gave us the best possible SEO results."

Stand Out and Leave a Memorable Impression

Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd, a creator and live YouTube streamer on a mission to help people tell their stories and share their skills through video, highlights the importance of a memorable domain name: "With a short and memorable domain name like, you have a higher likelihood that people will know what you do and click on it." The versatility of .live domains also allows him to create branded short links that take people anywhere you want, like,, and “You will get thousands of brand impressions every time anyone sees your domain name,” Doc Rock adds.

Claiming Top Spot on Google Search is the domain of a live streaming show focusing on technology, podcasting, and interviewing experts in those areas while selling products on the platform. Jim Fuhs, co-host of the livestream Dealcasters, emphasizes their branding advantage: "Our show link is the first .live listing on Google. It makes it easy for us to brand and to give people an easy way to find us.”

Clear and Concise for Strong Branding has a unique multi-streaming solution enabling customers to stream on nearly 40 content platforms simultaneously. Rudy Ellis, CEO of Switchboard Live, explains the power of their .live domain: "We changed our domain to, which definitely gave us an advantage. First of all, we know it works for SEO. Second, it's a branding play."

Secure and Protect your .live Domain

Now that you've seen the impact and potential of .live domains through customer examples, let's discuss the importance of securing and protecting your .live domain. You can easily register your personalized .live domain with accredited registrars like GoDaddy and They simplify the process, making it effortless for you to secure your .live domain. Plus, the .live extension has built-in anti-phishing protection against fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information.

Embrace the Future with .live

Consider the possibilities. For weddings, imagine the magic of, where you can livestream your special day and share it with loved ones who can't be there in person. Or explore the world of culinary arts with, where you can host live cooking sessions and share your delicious creations with a hungry audience. Looking to showcase your passion for fitness? could be your go-to web address for live workout sessions, wellness tips, and community engagement.

The options are endless with .live web addresses. Whether you're an artist, a teacher, a coach, or an entrepreneur, there's a perfect .live domain waiting for you to bring your live content to the world.

Kim joined Identity Digital in 2021. She heads up brand and integrated marketing and was instrumental in spearheading the successful Identity Digital rebrand and consumer campaign launch.

Kim brings two decades of marketing experience from both agencies and enterprises in tech and various other industries. Before Identity Digital, she managed the advertising program at Epson America.


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