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Kayleigh Johnstone, Founder, COZ PR

Kayleigh Johnstone is a Business & Visibility Coach and the Founder of COZ PR, and has shared her tips on how to increase your business visibility using social media.

Can you give our readers some background on the main social platforms you use to grow your business?

I use a combination of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, all of which serve different purposes! All have a slightly different audience, and very different content! For example, I use both Instagram and TikTok almost as portfolios, sharing my advice and expertise, attracting new followers and expanding my audience. From there, I invite them into my private, free Facebook membership, where I give much more tailored advice and members are given offers and discounts not given elsewhere.

Can you share a memorable example of how you leveraged social media to achieve significant business growth or a specific marketing objective?

It was when I first created my membership group on Facebook. At the time I was working with dozens of Virtual Assistants and giving loads of free, very tailored advice, but not keeping them in my circle in any meaningful way. By starting my membership and building a culture and environment which was totally curated by me, I was able to keep those women in my circle, allow others to benefit from the advice, and eventually, grow a community which helped each other. We are now at almost 700 members and it's been transformational for me - whenever I have something to sell or am launching a new service, I have a pool of ideal clients right there waiting to buy.

What strategies or tactics have you found successful in building and engaging your social media audience?

You'll have heard it before, but consistency is key! Yes, the algorithms matter, but they are changing all the time, and you can't control them. You can however control your consistency. That doesn't mean posting 5 times a day, but it does mean choosing a schedule and sticking to it, giving you as many chances to build the know, like, and trust factor with potential clients as much as possible.

I also encourage total authenticity. If you swear, then swear. If you do / don't wear make up, then show up like that on your socials. There is no point pretending to be someone you aren't - firstly, it will make social media a challenge rather than a breeze, and it will attract the wrong clients, or potentially no clients at all! Lack of authenticity shows, and it can be off-putting.

It's when I've consistently posted and been totally authentic - sharing expertise, results, behind the scenes, and letting followers get to know who I really am that those efforts have translated into clients.

Are there any quick fixes that anyone can make to instantly improve their personal or business social profile?

Have a picture of yourself on your profile, especially if you are a small business or 'solopreneur'. Another cliche, but people buy from people, and they want to get to know you, not a logo! Look at your bio and make sure you've included keywords for SEO, and check how it appears on a browser and a mobile - are the things you want to be known for showing first? Finally, choose strategic posts to pin or feature - what question are you asked the most? By pinning posts which are most helpful to potential customers, you'll make their journey to buying from you easier and therefore more likely to happen.

Is there any one tactic you'd recommend to people who want to grow their business using social media?

Post consistently. Daily is great, twice daily is amazing - but not if it's not sustainable for you. Far better to post twice a week for six months, than to post twice a day for six days and ghost your followers.

Are there any accounts you follow to find inspiration for your own content?

I work with Beyond the Dawn who are social media geniuses, and their account is very inspiring.

Can you share any insights on creating compelling and shareable content on social media that resonates with your target audience?

Don't gatekeep your expertise! So many of my clients are worried that they are giving so much away for free, why would anyone want to pay to work with them? I have a rule I live by - Share what to do for free, share how to do it when you are being paid.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts and how often do you do this?

I use the insights available in the platforms themselves, as well as those provided by my chosen scheduler. I check on a surface level (e.g. are views and followers up?) weekly, and do a more in-depth analysis once a month, seeing which posts were most popular, where followers have come from, which content is being saved and favourited.

Finally, looking ahead, what emerging trends or changes do you foresee in the social media landscape, and how do you plan to adapt your social strategy to meet them?

It has to be the use of AI for content. It's already being heavily used for creation, but the success is debatable, especially when it comes to attracting customers. We are going to see much more debate around how to use AI and remain authentic, and require greater transparency around the use of AI - in the same way we have to declare #ad #sponsored now. AI is something I don't currently use for content creation, though it is handy for a brainstorm! I'll be keeping an eye on it to see how we can adapt it and use it for our clients' visibility, while remaining authentic and keeping brand voice honest.

I also predict that video content will remain popular, and we will see TikTok continue to grow in popularity as a marketing channel.

Where should people follow you to find out more about your work?


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