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Lucy Hurst : Must-Have Skills for Entrepreneurs in 2024

Lucy Hurst is Founder of digital marketing agency, Screaming Squid. She's joined us today to share her top tips on, what she considers, top skills for entrepreneurs in 2024.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into entrepreneurship?

Yeah sure thing. I've always had a creative streak but, also, had a hunger for something more. A drive to push even harder and to achieve more, so what I didn't know about business, I learnt.

What are the top three skills you think are crucial for entrepreneurs today?

Determination, confidence in the face of adversity or when you experience nay-sayers and a willingness to learn.

How do you think the role of technology has impacted these skills in recent years?

I think the role of technology is rather underestimated, however, if you break it down to the basics, there are so many entrepreneurial videos to motivate, inspire and guide in today's day and age compared to years ago. Like I say, that's just the basics, you can use online courses or even AI to learn if you don't have access to people to teach you.

Could you share a story with us about how you used some of these skills to overcome a challenge in your journey?

Sure, even before becoming founder of Screaming Squid, I was co-founder of another agency. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I've taken a hands on approach to learning though. I could see that this agency was short on content writers, so I took it upon myself to complete a copywriting & copyediting course online. There were other times that I learnt from colleagues that I worked with along the way with one in particular taking the time to sit down and show me how to develop websites and we still have regular catch ups about the latest in web dev and SEO. 

In your opinion, how important is it for entrepreneurs to adapt to changing trends and what do you see as the biggest trend in 2024?

Oh, it's hugely important. Entrepreneurs need to be able to move with the times or they'll fall by the wayside, especially with the massive insurgence of AI and new techologies in just about every industry.

What's one common mistake you often see new entrepreneurs make, and how can they avoid it?

I think most entrepreneurs will make mistakes along the way, to err is human afterall. How they bounce back is more important and it's the individuals who won't or can't change that will fall by the wayside.

How do you keep learning and growing as an entrepreneur?

It's all about being able to be introspective first of all. You need to be able to indentify your own weaknesses and where you can improve. Then you have to set about improving yourself.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone just starting their entrepreneurial journey in 2024?

Well, given the niche I work in, I'm definitely going to tell people to embrace the digital age. However, I'd also suggest that they establish who will and won't be there to support them. There will be those who say that they will but don't mean, however, value the ones who do show it.

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