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Phil Better, Host of Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast

Phil Better, host of Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, speaks to The Industry Leaders about how his podcast got started, how entrepreneurs can use podcast appearances to their advantage and provides his #1 tip for any podcast guest looking to make an instant impression.

For those who don't know about your work, can you tell us a little about who you are and who your podcast is for?

My name is Phil Better, and I am a Podcast Consultant for Independent Business Podcasters. I help Businesses leverage Podcasts to generate leads that are begging to work with you.

My podcast, Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, is for Digital Entrepreneurs to share how they invested in themselves to become successful today to inspire my listeners.

What 1 tip would you give to a podcast guest who wants to make an instant impression?

The #1 Tip I would give is to listen to at least 2 episodes of the podcast you will be guesting on and, during the recording, mention something that was said in the episode you found interesting.

This will show the host you are invested in the podcast and want it to be successful.

How useful is appearing on podcasts for business owners or people wanting to build a personal brand?

Incredibly important. Being on a podcast will allow you to have a 24/7 marketing team without hiring anyone.

As the podcaster increases their craft to promote their show, your episode will benefit from the extra views, and generally, in 6 months, you will start to see traffic come your way.

What's your biggest challenge as a podcast host?

The biggest challenge I face as a Podcast host is finding the time to do the research into my guest.

Is there another podcast (aside from yours!) that you’d recommend to business leaders?

Slaying the Sale with Kyle Slaymaker, The 6 Figure Entrepreneur by Jamie Atkinson

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