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Rodney Jackson on Transformative Decisions in Business and Life

Rodney Jackson is the Million Dollar Real Estate Coach and Agent of The Rodney Jackson Company

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your journey as a leader in your industry?

As a child who was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to parents who were investors, I understood the importance of home ownership at a very young age. My parents’ choices drove my decision to enter the real estate industry. At age 21, I bought my first duplex; by 23, I owned three properties. Shortly after, I obtained my real estate license at 24 years old.

Throughout my 42-year career, I have been named the number two selling agent in Goodyear, Arizona, and grossed $37 million in home sales. My success resulted from thinking outside the box and keeping God first, family second, and business third. Today, I use my expertise to coach real estate agents by providing a roadmap in my book, “Who Ate My Cookie,” highlighting marketing strategies and systems for selling homes fast for top dollar. My coaching program, launching on December 7th, 2023, teaches agents what it takes to sell a home, market a business, and win in real estate.

What specific experiences or decisions in your journey do you believe have shaped your approach to business and leadership?

In 2008, when the market crashed, I had the most setbacks I’ve ever had in this business, but I also had the biggest comeback. After the crash, I had to rebuild my business for the fifth time. As frustrated as I was, I remained diligent, stayed persistent, and stuck with it even when it wasn’t easy. During this time of rebuilding, I learned something compelling: the importance of pivoting. Instead of focusing solely on making a living off real estate commissions, which were minimal in 2008, I decided to get licensed as a mortgage broker to keep income flowing since short sales at the time were booming. By the time the market recovered, my business was more vital than ever because I was back to being a real estate agent and equipped to help sellers get out of any short-sale messes they found themselves in. With believing in myself and being open to the power of pivoting, the setbacks were a great time to make a comeback.

Can you share a story of a pivotal moment in your career that led to a significant transformation in your business or personal life?

In 2006, I moved to Florida. As a realtor, transitioning into a new market and building up brand new clientele takes time, so to keep income flowing and to provide for my family, I waited tables and built my real estate business simultaneously. During this time, my son saw how hard I worked day and night to keep the bills paid, and one day, he said something that lit a fire inside of me. He said, “You are Rodney Jackson. You don’t have to wait tables!”.

What factors did you consider when making that critical decision, and how did you weigh the potential risks and rewards?

This statement alone shifted my focus to becoming a broker, as my son was the inspiration I needed to get back on track and crush the real estate game.

What challenges did you face during this transformative period, and how did you overcome them?

The challenge I faced was staying in a belief mode that things would work out if I stayed focused. Often, it is easy to get distracted or become unmotivated throughout this journey. Finding a mentor helped me to keep up the course.

Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self at that time, or to entrepreneurs and business leaders who might find themselves in a similar situation?

Get a coach or mentor! I can’t stress how important coaching is for a new agent. Without mentorship, you are left to figure everything out independently, which is possible but also time-consuming and exhausting. Having mentorship and a great coach saves you time and helps you avoid mistakes that cause most new agents to give up.

How has that pivotal moment influenced the way you make decisions today, and what lasting impact has it had on your business?

Studies show that 95% of agents' careers end within the first five years. This stat is the sole reason I created The Million Dollar Real Estate Coach Program, a comprehensive training program designed to help real estate agents improve their skills and succeed tremendously in their careers. In the program, students can access training modules, group coaching calls, prospecting scripts, recorded training calls, and more. After completing the program, students will gain a deeper understanding of the real estate industry and learn practical skills that will help them become more effective agents. They will also receive access to newsletters that share insights and strategies that helped me generate more than $1,000,000 in income.

In your opinion, how important is it for entrepreneurs and business leaders to have these transformative moments, and how can they best prepare for and learn from them?

These moments are crucial and help business leaders become the leaders that they are. So often, these moments involve employing out-of-the-box concepts, which help propel them ahead of the pack.


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