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Teresa Brooks, Founder of COACH Magazine

After selling her publishing business in 2018, Teresa Brooks' work now focusses on helping women build value-aligned businesses. She does this through her work as a business coach and as Founder of COACH Magazine. Read her inspiring story, below.

How did you end up sitting where you are today?

In 2018, I took the bold step to sell my publishing business and go all-in to coaching. I hadn't even finished my coach training, and I had five months to make my new business work.

When I came into the coaching industry, I was shocked at the amount of untrained coaching going on, and I felt the word 'coach' was really misused. With professionalism as one of my core values, I was compelled to do something to support the industry, so I took all my skills from my previous career and my passion for my new one and set up COACH Magzine. I did this as a vehicle to Educate, Empower and Inspire in the power of coaching. Also, to raise awareness and understanding of what coaching really is - and isn't - and to champion professional coach training. There is no need to be a trained coach in an unregulated industry, but the community I have built and the readership I have created is a dedicated place for those in our industry who hold the same values. COACH is designed with the value of collaboration in mind and a space to showcase the industry talent.

What kind of work does your role involve?

I have my own coaching business so my days are spent with my clients. My passion is working with women, and I empower them in their business to become confident and learn how to sell and market their business. I do this through 1:1 and a group programme.

My week also has time dedicated to COACH, where I connect with coaches personally who I may feature in the magazine. I support them with editing articles, recording podcasts and working with my team to ensure all runs smoothly. I have super varied days and mainly love connecting online globally and in my community and having real-life conversations! I believe in connection and supporting each other so dedicate time each week for these conversations and networking.

What gets you excited about your industry?

Without a doubt, it's the potential and the possibility of change. Through coaching, anything can happen, and people can discover their true potential, find courage and change everything in their life to achieve what they desire.

There are no limits with coaching when you open your mind and learn ho to grow. The personal and business development that is available globally and with full access is truly exciting to me. There is such a powerful opportunity online to expand our message and grow our businesses. All the different niches excite me alongside the creativity, positivity and passion in the industry. The people I have been able to connect with due to working online is just incredible. The coaching industry's mindset is always one of growth and forward-thinking, which paves the way for anything to happen. The industry truly inspires me!

What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Be careful what you believe as that will be your truth.

This advice was given during my coach training. My mind was opened up to our belief systems' power and how everything we are stems from here. This is where the exciting part comes in with coaching: what if I didn't believe that? It's incredibly empowering for people to realise that they can create their reality by removing limiting beliefs and creating new, more helpful ones. This enables freedom to be invited instead of feeling trapped and stuck by what we believe to be true.

What, or who inspires you?

My coach trainer and now business venture partner, Steve Payne, was one of my biggest inspirations. He opened my eyes and mind to change and taught me the power of NLP, values and communication and how to connect with myself as a coach and serve others. He constantly strives for excellence, and I am so grateful I found him, his training and wisdom.

I have also been endlessly inspired by each and every client I coach and every other coach I have featured in the magazine. Be it by their stories, their courage, their success and achievements, or their mindsets. The world itself inspires me too - even in dark times. I look to the beauty of nature and creativity every day as a source of inspiration and strength. I have faith and trust in the universe and focus on the joy in every moment of life.

How do you keep up to speed with what's happening in your industry?

I am a member of a professional body (Association of Coaching) so have access to a lot of information and CPD opportunities. I stay up to date with the ICF and always seek out and follow those who share valuable insights, especially around training, new solutions and ways to coach. I also invite industry experts to feature and speak on the podcast and enjoy reading books and listening to leaders. I also seek to develop my own insights and awareness through training and CPD. Lately, I am noticing a trend around self and healing awareness, combined with business coaching, to merge modalities and achieve more. I'm also seeing an increasing demand for niche and specialist subjects.

What was the most challenging project or situation you've overcome?

The global pandemic has, by far, been the most challenging situation I have been in along with the rest of the world. This brought real-life challenges and a real test to mental, physical and emotional health.

Staying focused on what I can change and influence and taking action on those things whilst also letting go of what I can't control or change has been my approach to overcome anything I perceive as a challenge. I don't labour on what's not fair or what's been done 'wrongly' or what is 'bad', but choose to take each day as a new start and with gratitude that I have this day and the freedom to decide how I feel about it. I have been able to dig deep into my coaching toolkit to help myself and others with frustrations that have come during this time and keep a strong mindset for myself, my daughter and my clients.

Coaching and mindset skills have enabled me to manage this challenging time better than I would have previously.

You finish work today and step outside the office to find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

Cash it in and apply the rule of four: spend some, save some, invest some and give some away.

I would ensure I invested and would initially accelerate my own skills, set up a coach training company, and create an additional coaching space to offer more accessible coaching. Coaching is often a high-ticket investment, and it is, indeed, a high value worth to be able to change your life. But I also feel it is not accessible to many who need it and I don't think that should be the case.

I would focus much of my investment into creating and offering coaching and life skills as part of the education curriculum to children (or even out of the system as an independent coaching school for young people). I feel the current teaching system is outdated and not equipping our younger generations for the future. They need to learn how to manage their mindset, emotions and the world we live in today, and I don't see that happening. Education alone isn't enough for the modern world. University and academia are not the only way; we are in a world of entrepreneurism and need to teach our children this mindset and instil beliefs that empower and inspire instead of the 'threat' of not achieving in exams that dictate their outcomes.

Money is simply energy, and I would seek the best and most impactful energetic exchange possible for the world if it were in my hands.

How do you switch off after a day at work?

I don't need to switch off really as I truly love what I do! However, I do need to change the environment to refresh my mind, so I always go outside into nature and walk for an hour a day - sometimes more if possible! I love Yoga and peaceful meditation.

Equally, I enjoy watching a good movie, documentary or listening to a podcast. I like what I take into my mind to give me energy and not deplete it, so I am also mindful of the people around me and engage in more of what energises me.

If you had one wish for the future of your industry, what would it be?

For it to become regulated and for only people who had undergone recognised coach training to be able to use the term coach. This would immediately set standards for the industry and bring clarity for those seeking services.

What book or podcast should everyone know about?

Is it naff to say the COACH podcast?!

That aside, I love listening to another big inspiration of mine, Rob Moore and his podcast The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Podcast. He has some incredible guests, and his energy and dedication to his work are admirable.

Bookwise my favourite ever is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. As a communication coach, I am fascinated by human connection both conscious and unconscious, and this book explores how we make assessments of others in a 'blink' and how this happens.

How should people connect with you?

You can connect with me via any of the following:

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