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Cassie Alongi, CEO and Co-founder of We Buy Any House in California

Cassie Alongi is a Real Estate Broker who has been in the Real Estate business for 21 years. From first-time Home Buyer to Bank-owned Properties, Probates, Short Sales, and Traditional Home Sales- Cassie has been helping people buy and sell houses since 2002. Over the years, she has personally sold over 630 homes-more than the average agent. Cassie has her Broker's license and other certifications in fields she prefers to do business. She has the following designations: (PSA) Pricing Strategy Adviser, (DPA) Distressed Property Specialist, Probate Real Estate Specialist. She is also a three time winner of The Chairman award, and has received both RR/MAX hall of fame and lifetime achievement Honours.

What's your industry?

Housing Industry (Real Estate)

How did you end up sitting where you are today?

I grew up in an area that had historic buildings. I love taking a walk around the neighborhoods those years. Inspired by those structures, I always say I was meant to be a realtor. Real Estate is a natural avenue for me to go down. I love helping people and I love the challenges that have come my way during the process of helping Sellers and Buyers.

My journey started in 2002 following a dramatic change that got me back on track. I was going to school for court reporting, and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome which slowed me down. One day, I was talking to a friend who was a court reporter, telling him, what am I going to do now. He said: "You need a job where you can talk all the time, have a flexible schedule, and makes a lot of money so you can shop, Cassie, you are a Realtor!" I didn't really like the idea at first, started researching and decided to try it. When I got my license back in 2002, I only needed to take 3 courses so I took them at a Brokerage, GMAC.

I also researched trying to be a different kind of realtor, how could I better succeed!. I found a coaching program and within 3 months I got my very first deal, which was a listing and a For Sale By Owner. The first year, I decided I wanted to be a Broker, so I started taking those classes at a Community College.

What kind of work does your daily role involve?

I am a Real Estate Broker and have been in the Real Estate business since year 2002. I really love Real Estate. It has brought me a lot of happiness and fulfilment. My husband, Guy by name and I are now empty nesters. It made much sense to decide on a joint venture of investing and flipping houses. Although it was new to him at first. But my knowledge helped him adapt quickly. He his doing fine now. Real Estate is just a natural avenue for me.

My day to day activities involves marketing, showing homes, making phone calls, making competitive offers so my clients can beat out other buyers. Also, reviewing paperwork, trying to put "fires" out when clients get cold feet, ensuring my clients don't engage in things that can make them unqualified for a loan (buying items or applying for credit in the middle of a Transaction), I also coordinate repairs and inspections.

What gets you excited about your industry?

I am in the Housing Industry (Real Estate).

I'm a Real Estate Broker. What I love about this field is how active it keeps me, I am always on call. It is not like a A 9-5 type of job, when you leave for the day, you day is over, and or maybe you get weekends off. When in Real estate, this does not apply. You get clients that call 8 or 9 p.m. sometimes and they start calling as early as 6:30 a.m. While that may sound a little unglamorous, I still love it. I love helping people, whether buying a home or selling a home and getting out of a sticky situation, seeing their excitement when they buy their first home, and I really love viewing all the different homes.

Real Estate has helped me network with a lot of people, i have made lots of friends and I have fed my eyes with creativities. I mean building/structures. While i was young, I loved walking and looking at structures. I knew I was born to be a Realtor. Also I have been able to help people. Being part of the process that birth their dream home is a trophy won for me.

I think what people should know is the real estate is a complex and dynamic industry that requires a good understanding of various factors to make informed decisions. It is important to understand the local real estate market and its trends, including supply and the demand, the pricing and the market conditions. It is crucial to have a clear idea of one's budget and financing options, before making a real estate investment. When people are aware of these key elements, they can make rational decisions when buying selling or investing.

What's the best advice anyone ever gave you on your journey in business?

"Put everything in writing."

Yes! It helped keep me out of court and being sued.

When you put things in writing, it stays as a permanent record of important information and decisions. This is because the record can be referred to later, especially in situations where memories may fade or important details may be forgotten.

What's the most challenging project or situation you've overcome to date?

The most challenging situation is when a transaction goes sideways and saving the transaction from falling out of escrow. Home inspections showing major repairs that the seller doesn't want to fix or when an appraisal doesn't come in at value and the seller still wants that higher amount. These happen all the time and you have to negotiate. It can be very challenging and while stressful at the time, it's a little fun overcoming the challenges.

Good communication with the parties involved helped me. Maintaining open and clear communication between the parties involved is important. Also i don't try to fix what is beyond me. I seek help, and that is flexibility. If I need to involve an Attorney, I involve an Attorney.

Are you using any AI tools right now to help grow your business or, if not, do you plan to use any this year?

Yes, I use a virtual assistant powered by Ai that helps me manage my schedules, helps me send reminders and keeps me updated about important deadlines. Time management was beginning to pose a big challenge for me. I needed a helper. Now I can breathe fine.

Overall, do you see AI as a good thing for business?

Yes. We are living in an ever changing world. Technology has been contributing immensely to the world of business, making how we now work more easier. For example, technology has made it possible to collect, analyse and make use of vast amounts of real estate data in making informed decisions.

Overall, do you see AI as a threat or an opportunity in business?

Opportunity, because it will help us facilitate our processes, get things done quickly and save us more time.

If you had one wish for the future of your industry, what would it be?

That buyers and sellers would actually listen to their agent's advice. When they don't, and things don't happen the way they want, they blame the agents.

Before we finish, where should people follow you to find out more about your work?


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