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Laura Cruise, Owner, Laura Cruise Coaching Limited

Laura Cruise speaks to The Industry Leaders about her work and what she's learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

What's Your Story?

I'm a Coach and Mentor who started Part Two of her life at 38 when I decided to leave my first marriage and start over.

I knew that I wasn't happy or fulfilled and that I needed to set myself free to see my own potential and to make decisions about my life on my terms. Nine years on I am happier than I could ever have imagined I could be - I work for myself, I live with my (new) husband in a gorgeous home with our children and I have freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun in every aspect of my life.

My mission is to help others to create the same for themselves.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

I would tell 21 year old Laura that nothing is forever, and that it doesn't matter if you don't know exactly what you want to do. I would reassure her that the qualities, values and talents she has will take her on a fantastic career journey. I would remind her that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' path to take - you take the path you choose and you experience life as a result of that decision.

What one book or podcast changed your life?

Conversations of Inspiration with Holly Tucker.

I would listen to it in the car when I was still in my corporate role and I would be so inspired by the business founders who talked with such passion about why they set their business up. It showed me that you could make money doing something you love and stay true to your values.


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