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Shannon Lowrie, Founder, Sunflower Socials

Shannon Lowrie speaks to The Industry Leaders about her work and what she's learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

What's Your Story?

Hi! My name is Shannon and I'm a Social Media Manager alongside my part-time job working in a restaurant. I started a small Instagram blog last September and use it to try and help small business owners with their social media queries and issues.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

Just go for it - I was so scared to start and wish I had just taken that step sooner. Starting your journey is always the hardest part, and sometimes the easiest way is just to dive right in and go for it.

What one book or podcast changed your life?

I started listening to the Diary of a CEO podcast after a fellow marketer recommended it and I've learned so much from it. Hearing so many varied perspectives from people in business has helped so much with my journey and being able to take advice from people who've been in a similar position.

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