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The 7 Best Mindset Tools For Entrepreneurs

You’ve taken the leap from employee to entrepreneur. You’ve taken your career into your own hands and you’re ready to start the journey of professional growth. It took education, diligence, organisation, and a host of healthy and positive habits to get to the point where you are now; you developed an entrepreneur mindset. So, what’s the next step?

To maximise the success of your new entrepreneurial venture, it’s essential to maintain this mindset so that you can continue your personal growth and increase the productivity and profitability of your business. This article will talk you through the 7 of the best tools available to help you maintain an entrepreneurial mindset in 2022.

Access to the full research, highlighting and comparing >20 of the best mindset tools on the market is available exclusively to members. Start your membership today and get immediate access to this downloadable sheet. Here's a sneak peak:

1. To Start Your Day: 5 Minute Journal

Utilising the science of positive psychology, the 5 Minute Journal app allows you to effortlessly keep a virtual journal on the go at all times. Journaling is proven to help cultivate gratitude, eliminate negative thoughts and track changes in your mood. By using this app first thing in the morning, you will improve your mindset for the rest of the day.

This app works by asking you each morning to list three things that you’re grateful for, your goals for the day, and your daily affirmations, and includes a new mantra every day. The free version is a great option for busy entrepreneurs who want to start their day the right way.

2. To Slow Down: Headspace

Guided meditation is essential to maintaining an entrepreneur mindset; it helps you to combat negative thoughts, remain calm and increase your alertness and attention span. There are a host of guided meditation apps available on the market, so why Headspace?

Headspace stands out from the crowd for its variation in length and structure of meditation routines which slot into the busy lives of entrepreneurs. Its annual membership fee of £49.99 also makes it one of the most affordable of its kind, and you can even access some guides for free with a Netflix account.

3. To Speed Up: 7 Minute Workout

It is no secret that keeping fit is vital to your mindset by boosting your energy, improving your mood and regulating your sleeping pattern. For entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to fit regular exercise into their routine. Scientific research shows, however, that workouts as short as 7 minutes can improve your overall health dramatically.

This is where the 7 Minute Workout app comes in. The app includes a range of equipment-free workouts for different abilities lasting less than 10 minutes, the perfect solution for those who may not find the time to go to the gym or complete lengthy workouts.

4. To Stay Focused: Momentum

Ever opened your desktop and felt overwhelmed by a million tabs, or worse, a blank home page staring back at you, with no idea where to get started?

Momentum Dash is a useful tool for anyone who feels inundated with tasks and is lacking a clear focus for their day ahead. As well as displaying the time, and a new photo and mantra each time you open your desktop browser, the interface is personalised with your own name. Each day, you can decide your main goal, an effective method of identifying what you should prioritise. The dash also has a handy to-do-list feature, because who doesn’t love the satisfaction of checking off small tasks?

5. To Stay Educated: Blinkist

As a new entrepreneur, you may find that your hectic lifestyle leaves you with no time to expand your business knowledge through reading. You’ve heard great reviews about a new, trending business book, but there are just no gaps in your schedule to get started on it.

Developed with people like you in mind, the Blinkist app helps you to upgrade your business knowledge in 15 minutes by transforming the core insights of over 5000 bestselling books into short, easy-to-digest podcasts that you can listen to on the go. With the premium subscription coming in at just £59.99 annually, you can make reading a habit for less than the annual price of a Netflix subscription.

6. To Stay Motivated: Peptalk Motivation

Slumps are part and parcel of any new venture; everyone experiences stages of feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or mediocre. To break out of the slump, you need to begin by building positive momentum so that you can further your personal and professional growth.

Motivation is one of the crucial factors in building this momentum. Peptalk Motivation contains a gallery of short podcasts aimed at uplifting and inspiring young entrepreneurs. You may want to invest in the paid version, at £26.99 per year, to avoid ads disrupting your user experience.

7. To Track Your Time: RescueTime

To maintain an entrepreneur mindset, you need to ensure that you are not wasting any mental energy on platforms or activities which are not beneficial to your growth. We are all guilty of spending a little too much time using addictive time-wasting apps on our smartphones and tablets.

Endorsed by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Rescue Time offers detailed feedback and reports to measure your productivity, and even allows you to set goals for yourself. What’s more, you can even download a desktop version of the app to track how you spend your time on your PC.

8. (Bonus) To Streamline The Workflow: ProofHub

You took an excellent first step by starting your venture with a business plan. But, if you want to maximize the strategies you've specified, you'll need a project management tool that allows you to plan, measure, communicate, and optimize your actions while also providing you with relevant insights into their effectiveness. ProofHub provides all of that.

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management platform that makes it simple to manage tasks, resources, projects, and time in a single place. It allows your team to concentrate on their main responsibilities rather than wasting time on unproductive activities.

Given the diversified workforce and globally distributed teams, things tend to go crazy if all are not brought together on a single collaborative platform. Nothing slips between the cracks when everything goes according to plan, keeping you on top of your work and reinforcing your mindset.

Alice Cripps is a graduate in French and English Literature from the University of Birmingham. She is currently working as a university-level English teacher in Toulouse, but has plans to enter into the publishing industry. In her spare time, she loves reading, travelling and trying out new brunch spots.


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