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Tim Connon on Future-proofing Your Career.

Tim Connon is Founder & CEO of ParamountQuote and is a thought leader on the topic of career progression and adaptability. They took some time out to speak with The Industry Leaders about this vital subject.

What's your career journey been like and how has that led you to be an authority on this topic?

my career journey has been a lot of trial and error regarding our marketing efforts. With the rise of AI it has assisted us in developing engaging ads for life insurance to generate leads. This has led to me having extensive experience and expertise regarding using AI for marketing. I have learned a lot of prompts AI can assist me with.

Are there specific jobs in your industry at higher risk of AI disruption?

I do not think AI will ever replace insurance agents however I do see AI taking place of marketing teams. The fact that AI can generate ad copy and even build entire videos for YouTube advertising shows me that a lot of marketing teams may not last long.

What skills do you think young professionals should learn to stay employable in a world with AI?

They should learn how to point out errors from the AI. AI is still a tool that needs a human to handle it. AI produces errors and having employees that understand these errors and can fix them is invaluable.

How can AI help business owners and executives make better decisions?

AI can help business owners by giving them projected outcomes of their specific decisions. Business owners should prompt AI by asking it "if I invest 20% of my revenue here what is my projected returns? Is it a good idea?" AI will give an informative answer regarding what you asked.

What ethical issues should businesses consider when using AI?

Possible copyright infringement and misinformation. AI is not always accurate on the information it can give to a person so it should be double checked. AI pulls information from existing content on the web which means it could possibly produce plagiarised content. This is why it is still a tool not a replacement for everything.

How will AI impact leadership and management?

It will make leadership much easier as you can prompt it to keep a profile and track of employees. This will allow you to revisit data in the future regarding said employee's.

What specific skills or roles do you think AI can't replace in your industry?

It will never replace the human connection in sales. Clients need to hear that their agent cares about their needs in order to make the sale happen. In addition to this people do not trust robots and they never should when it comes to something so important like insurance.

Finally, what does the future of work look like with automation and AI, and how can ambitious professionals thrive in this changing landscape?

The future is only going to get brighter for AI as it gets more advanced and implemented in more processes. It will start handling generating original text messages, emails etc. This means businesses will always have an answer for their clients whether it is provided via AI or a customer service rep. Professionals can thrive in this changing landscape by keeping informed on the newest AI tools and implementing them into their marketing and basic processes to get a jump start on their business. Use Chatbots on your websites with AI so customers always get a quick response. The more engaged you can keep your customers the better your business will run.

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