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Elvira V. Hopper, Founder & CEO of evhopper enterprises

Elvira V. Hopper speaks to The Industry Leaders about her work and what she's learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

What's Your Story?

My name is Elvira V. Hopper and I run a company called evhopper enterprises (yes...all lower case for a reason...ask me later).

I am a Miracle Mindset CoacHealer, founder of The Love Your Vibe Transformation (personal development SOULution for heart-centred humans) and also founder of 'Return To You / Global Retreat Centres.

I primarily help heart-centred midlife men and women shift from their successful Act 1 into their aligned and authentic and FULLY self-expressed Act 2, so they don't die with their REAL MUSIC still in them...and the world gets to be served by their Unique Legacy.

My story includes me being told I could NOT be an entertainer at 11 years of age because 'women on stages are sluts'. My father had this limited belief bestowed on him even though he sang like Pavarotti. He was NOT allowed to sing professionally. It took a toll on him BIGTIME.

To please him I chose not one but TWO inauthentic/imposter yet well-paid healthcare careers which nearly killed me. My last two insulting corporate 6-figure earning years I spent being corporately AND socially bullied. I suffered a mental breakdown of depression, anxiety & panic disorder. This was the cost I paid for living a lie.

What saved me was a a non-drugs and non therapy way out of my darkness... a 'mindset reset' called 'The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset' which has now become a world movement.

When I practiced it FULLY I became a (now recently award-winning) pro jazz artist at the ripe age of 51. I now work and record on world-class stages with and for celebrities!

Sadly my father died with his REAL MUSIC still in him, with cancer, mental illness and his marriage in shambles.

This is WHY I believe a world where we could all live, aligned, authentic and FULLY self-expressed COULD be 'Heaven-On-Earth'.

It saved my life.

I want this for the world.

You can travel back in time to Day 1 of your business or career - what advice would you give to younger-you, knowing what you know now?

Hire a Business Coach right AWAY!

What one book or podcast changed your life?

Doing a podcast with one of my beloved colleagues and our world-class producer; 'The Love Your Vibe Podcast' definitely up-levelled all our lives!


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