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Innovative Solutions in Translational Science: A Deep Dive into Oncodesign Services

Oncodesign services is a contract research organisation (CRO) specialising in translational sciences. A contract research organisation provides support to other companies or research centres in conducting clinical trials. They operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device fields. Their role may encompass designing and overseeing a trial and evaluating the results.

Translational science is the discipline of converting study results and observations gathered in the laboratory into medical and healthcare interventions that provide positive health benefits to individuals and the wider public. Oncodesign offers a range of advanced healthcare solutions based on pioneering research in extended multiple fields. The organisation has been in operation for over 25 years and is committed to a business approach founded upon community, mutual assistance, sharing and solidarity. Their mission is to aid the effort in discovering new drug treatments and therapies to tackle chronic illness and cancers.

Therapeutic Areas

The organisation provides services through standalone projects or integrated discovery and development programmes. The areas in which Oncodesign specialises are oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

For example, our expertise in oncology as a CRO is through the support of therapies in this branch of medicine, including radiotherapy, vaccines and cell therapies. Harnessing expertise in radiochemistry, the organisation supports drug development programmes in the radiopharmaceuticals industry through pre-clinical evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals.

In the Inflammation field, Oncodesign offers kidney inflammation models. These models can provide crucial information in identifying the causes of inflammation and explain why a patient’s condition is not improving. Information they render includes body weight, clinical scoring, gene expression in kidneys and histopathology. Histopathology is the microscopic examination of samples of tissues and cells carried out for research and diagnostic purposes.

Oncodesign are playing an active role in helping identify new treatments and therapeutic solutions to fight human infectious diseases, including Swine Flu and COVID-19. This is achieved through providing state-of-the-art equipment and access to facilities for research and development programmes. In collaboration with their partners, Oncodesign can provide in vivo testing prior to clinical trials to determine the efficacy of new therapies against Swine Flu.

How does Oncodesign support cancer treatments

Oncodesign’s vast knowledge and experience garnered from 25 years’ worth of studies underpins the organisation’s substantial capabilities in terms of preclinical cancer research and vaccination. They offer a range of advanced preclinical models to analyse new therapies for various cancers including bladder, prostate, blood and breast. Oncodesign’s multidisciplinary teams in France and Canada are experts in pharmaco-imaging, pharmacokinetics and metabolism and in vitro and in vivo biology. With this knowledge pool, the organisation are able to create bespoke models for companies, should an existing one not fit.

Oncodesign have substantial experience in the humanisation of mice, whereby a human tumour microenvironment is replicated in a mouse through engineering the animal’s immune system. The readouts gathered from such studies include tumour size, survival rate and tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILS) fractions. All of Oncodesign’s sites are fully accredited to AAALAC International, a non-profit that promotes the humane use of animals in science.

Furthermore, Oncodesign evaluates tumour responses to different types of therapies experienced by patients. These include chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy.


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